Mission ............ delayed.

We have a "water feature". Sort of. Kind of. Maybe.

Honey and I built a small pond several years ago with the dreams of pretty water plants, bubbling water and brightly colored fish swimming around.

Then .......... I got ducks!!! And my pretty dreams disappeared with the splashing and diving of my funny amusing waterfowl!!

Actually ..... I am fine with that. I still attempt to buy some water plants and goldfish only to have them eaten by the ducklings. But I love my silly ducks and I will put up with the lack of a "water feature" so they may have their swimming hole!

Early in the spring, we try to clean the pond. During the fall and winter it fills with leaves and branches. Basically, it becomes disgusting! This means throwing on the boots, a pair of really grubby cut-offs, draining the pond and scrubbing the liner.

This year, we just didn't seem to "get to it". So Sunday was deemed to be the day! We throw the pump into the pond and we are cleaning the area around it. There have been a lot of frogs around the pond but when we started, we didn't see any.

Then we spied this gal ............... intently staring at us. And not moving. At all. Hmmm?
Look!! Tadpoles!! Natural insect and mosquito control!!!!

Honey looks at me. I look at him. And we pull the pump out of the water. Some things should just wait for Nature to take its course.

So my "water feature" is still disgusting. No sparkling clear water, no pretty plants, no brightly colored fish. Just a grateful mama frog.And I am just fine with that!


corinne said…
Ohhhhh, Leopard frogs! My favorite!

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