OK -- I need your help again!!!

You guys always come through for me and this is sooo easy.

You know, I LOVE farmers' markets and the fresh produce and the atmosphere and the vendors.

I love knowing how my food is raised and who is doing it. I love the fact that Nostalgia Farms calls me and says "Cathy, I have spinach today. Would you like some?"

Or that Sheepie Neighbor lets me fondle the yarn while I drool over another salted nut roll. Or double chocolate chip cookie ................. those decisions are getting harder and harder to make.

Or Greenhouse Gwen says "Cathy, you have got to try this plant" or "Wouldn't this look great in your garden". Nine times out ten ...... she is right!

I love the fact the Darcy lets me teach canning classes cuz she knows how much I love to inspire a younger generation to preserve the freshness!!!

But most of all, I love the sense of community that comes from a farmers market that cares. A market that wants you to dance in aisles to the music, cuddle a lamb and feed the hungry. A market that wants to teach you about healthy options in your diet and yoga classes for exercise. A market that has dogs to adopt and healthy treats for those dogs.

I want to shop at place that has respect for the past, an appreciation for the beauty that is the Mighty Mississippi and yet, a forward progressive attitude.

For me ................I only shop the Freight House Farmers Market. And that is why I am voting for them. You can, too. Click here and help them raise the funds to help our community. Can you imagine the programs and the events that they will do ...... with money??? Look what they do with nothing!!!!!

You've heard me sing this song before, Sister. We are family ................. vote.


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