So maybe I've got a few????

The last couple of weeks has been tough. Everyone is showing pictures of their beautiful flowers. And the flower farmer has none.

Well -- really that's not true. I have iris -- I have tulips and daffodils -- I have lilacs and peonies and snowball bushes. But I don't have quantity. At least not for the 60 to 100 people that can come here in a week.

But today ........ one of my favorite flowers is blooming. This is Baptistia -- or false indigo. It is a perennial -- it does seed slowly. It blooms roughly at the same time as my late-blooming peonies. Its seed heads will look like footballs later and can be used in dried arrangements.

But for now -- I love its rich blue color and its wayward arching stems. It won't be here long --- but its a beautiful show while it is here.


Dan Mays said…
Ah, yes ... but do you have our native White Baptisia? The form and habit are much different. It has more of an open, candelabra-look to it. Great fun to watch the bumble bees feeding on the flowers - one of the few insects strong enough to enter the flowers.

I just happen to have an extra plant or two if you want some.
clink said…
Dan -- we must talk soon!!!

You always have an extra plant or two!! It is amazing!

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