This is embarrassing!!!

I take pride in being a pretty decent cook. Not the best in the world --no Julia Childs -- but a good cook. I will try a lot of new things. And a lot of old things.

As many of you know-- I like to can. I love the "ping" of the jars sealing. I love the bright pretty fruit and veggies sparkling in the jars. I love organizing the jars by color in the pantry........ what will look best next to each other? I like the pride and the sense of accomplishment that I get. And I like doing something that many people don't do any more.

I am teaching another class down at the Freight House Farmers market this Saturday - June 13th -- on strawberry jam making. I had planned to do my favorite strawberry jam recipe with strawberries, sugar and lemon juice. That's it. Just a great basic jam recipe. We will talk about gel points and sheeting and all sorts of pectins.

Then .... I was asked to do a demonstration on Paula Sands Live on KWQC. How can I make jam in 3 minutes???? It takes an hour of cooking time and then 10 minutes processing time. I can fake a lot of time for television but not that much time!!!

So I study and look and research and read and search ........ and I find Ball Simple Creations Freezer Jam Pectin. Wow! Fruit -- sugar -- freezer jam pectin. Stir it together for 3 minutes and poof!!! Jam appears.

Heck ..... it would take me that long to choose a jar off the shelf at Hy-Vee!!!

So ..... if you don't own a canner or jars or only have 3 minutes to live!!! ............ this is the jam to make. It has a clean fresh strawberry taste and will last on your refrigerator shelf for a month or in your freezer for 6 months.

But don't tell my friends ...... it is waaay to embarrassing to make something this easy.


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