Thriftin' is a verb!

You already know that I am cheap. Dear Sheepie Neighbor is kind enough to say that I am frugal. I have never reached frugal yet. I am cheap.

And I have weird ideas. What is weirder yet -- people seem to respond to them.

Current weird idea (oh, and there are many!!!) is my tea tree. I decided to hang tea cups (not coffee cups or mugs ..... tea cups!!!) from my Prairie Fire flowering crab tree. You know -- tea cups would hang like apples from the tree. I hang them on the tree with ribbons ........ lots of different colors of ribbons. Whatever I find at the time! And I don't tie them into bows. I just let the tails flap in the breeze.
Originally, I thought 15-17 tea cups and the tree would look good. I have 31 and I'm not even close!!!!!!

So I hit the thrift stores when I can looking for tea cups. The trouble is ............... I'm finding other stuff!!!! Great stuff!!!

OK -- Ya know I LOVE old stuff! And linens are some of my favorite old things............ I picked up these. Not particularly old. Ok -- not old at all but lovely!!!!
Hand-embroidered with pearl cotton floss on the softest yellow linen. Beautifully done and not a stain or a tear on it. Its sad that no one wanted it.
This is not hand-done. There are two that match exactly but are done in different colors. But lovely, never-the-less. They will be perfect for a book club tea ......... or a ladies' club party.

And finally .......... bargain chairs!!! I got a glimpse of these yesterday when I left a thrift store -- I was in a hurry -- its a one-way. So I thought about them. $4 a piece! They are perfect!! Right color -- no repairs -- couldn't ask for more!Don't they look great flanking the stove??? What??? You don't heat your corn-zebo????

Yea ......... I love being cheap!!!


corinne said…
I am glad that the linens found a home with you. It always makes me sad to see them at thrift stores, knowing how much work and love someone put into them :(.
melanie said…
Corinne - I totally agree!
Anonymous said…
Kind of like me, someones trash is my treasure!!

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