Yea .......... its hot!

I live in an old house. It has one bathroom. A small cellar.... not a basement or family room or rec room. I have a kitchen but no great room. There is no heat upstairs in the winter. And there is no air conditioning.

That one confuses me! Mention the fact that you have no heat upstairs and you get ...... "Don't you get cold?" and a few quick explanations later....... the subject is dropped.

Mention that you don't have a/c in muggy Iowa and you must belong to the stone age!! (Well, we do. But that is neither here nor there!!) I have had people offer window units. (Gave some away -- hate them!) I have had people question my sanity (OK -- I'll give them that one ........ but not about a/c!!!) I have had people say, "I could never live like that." Well -- your great-grandmother did. In long dresses instead of cut-off's and tank tops. And she survived!!!!

I work outside. If I had a/c ...... you probably couldn't drag me outside!!! Getting too comfortable makes people........... well, lazy. I might as well get off my butt and weed that bed cuz it ain't going to get any cooler in the house!!!!!

And if I had a/c ............ you wouldn't get to see these pictures.
The clematis ..... Blue Moon ..... has been outstanding this year and has gotten lots of compliments.
Ok -- this is one of my favorite daylilies. But I forget its name... it is not Blackberry Candy. Its throat is more red than purple. So if anyone knows what it is ....... let me know.
And today, an asclepias (annual butterfly weed.... actually, Silky Formula Mix) bloomed. These are not the best cut flowers. They will wilt immediately after cutting in this warm weather. But if allowed to sit in the cool water overnight -- they often bounce right back. Its still a little short but will grow taller as the season progresses. We grow them because Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on the plant.

Yea ....... the first feeding for The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I'll show butterflies later.


Dan Mays said…
I had 98 degrees on the east side of my house Tuesday afternoon -- that would be in the shade! I have the week off and was welding up partitions for a new pergola entrance to my patio.

The beer was especially good yesterday!
clink said…
Dan! Welding??? You know how to have a good time!!!

Yea ..... the beer has been good!!!

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