Daydreams and Daylilies...............

For some silly reason, every time I look at a daylily, I think of the Monkees song, Daydream Believer. Maybe its because daylilies, like daydreams, only last a few hours. Maybe its because daylilies, like daydreams, make me smile.

I have gotten to the place in my garden that I only grow flowers that are "good cuts". Flowers that will last a minimum of 7 days in a vase ..... I prefer 10-12 days. So it always surprises me when I have to buy another daylily. But then I look at those fantastic blooms ....... and I know why.

Daylilies remind me of laying on my back in the grass on clear blue sky day. You imagine what it is like to float on those dreamy clouds as they pass by. Daylilies are like leaning back on a swing as you try to reach the sky with your toes. Daylilies are like sitting on a hill, sipping a cold beer and watching the flyflies light up the bean field below.

A daylily is the epitome of summer. It is absolute happiness in a flower. Seriously, how can you pass these by????

I know I can't.


Deborah said…
Oh, beautiful!!! Dayliles are wonderful.

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