Entertaining ......... corn-zebo style!

Yesterday was a busy day in the corn-zebo. My college roomie, her sister and her sister-in-law came for lunch in the garden. And hopefully, I achieved vintage garden style. This was so much fun! Yes .............. I was a tad over the top with pink. (Sorry, Youngest Daughter) But pink screams garden party!

I started out with a vintage 50-60's print table cloth and then I layered it with white linen placemats that had pink embroidered rosebuds. (Again .... sorry, Youngest Daughter!) I had picked them up at a thrift store. It is so sad --- they weren't hand-embroidered but lovely, almost un-used linens............ that someone didn't want to iron.

In the garden -- we don't worry if they get a stain -- that only shows that they were loved. I hate linens that were carefully packed away, never to be used. If linens are used -- that means they were at a table full of love and laughter. And they certainly were yesterday.

The dishes were a snack set of my grandmother's. Every plate and cup have a different flower pattern on them. There are only 7 ......... but we only needed four ........ so I was fine!

The stemware ........ Goodwill finds. And the silver are odds and ends of old silverplate that I find at flea-markets.

We had another event planned in the afternoon so we set up the cardtables to be ready for that.

Sometimes --- the corn-zebo sees a little too much action so we needed another dining area. Not as cozy as the corn-zebo, the gazebo now has a table and chandelier for intimate dining for two.

We could squeeze in four. I would like to put a brick floor in it........... maybe it will happen.

I think I need to train the clematis to grow more vertical to give a little more privacy.

I love the peace and quiet that we have here at Miss Effie's. Sometimes you can hear the train whistle .... 8 miles away. And the view.............. it is not a beach or a mountain top -- but it is Iowa's heart and soul. The rolling hills and the thousand shades of green. It's the new mowed hay and sound of the killdeer in the cornfield. Yea .... this may not be heaven, but it is definitely Iowa.

Some people like the hustle and bustle of the city. Dining at a five-star cafe on a busy street. But I am just as happy with a salad on an old plate in a corn crib, being serenaded by the roosters! Ain't life just grand!!!


BlueGate said…
Magical, Cathy! Thanks for sharing

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