I'm a Lumberjack...........

We have had quite the adventures the last couple of days. Friday night we had another storm go through the area with 65 to 70 mph winds and heavy rain. Even though -- we went out after the rain -- we never noticed this!

Yep .... pulled up by the roots, it was leaning on the neighbor's fence and had pulled down the power line to their well and a grain bin. REC shut down the power -- disconnected the wires -- and told me to call an electrician (on a Saturday, mind you. Cha-ching!!!) to hook the power back up.

So Honey and our neighbor get to work and everything is cleaned up and the power is back on around noon. No harm. No foul.

And then ........... there was yesterday.

Honey had been in the chicken runs and had checked for eggs and the water supply. He was then going to work in the tomatoes for a while.

Suddenly, he hears the rustling of leaves. He turns .......... only to watch a tree, ever so slowly land on top of the runs. It did no damage to the runs! No un-planned free-ranging chickens! Just a good size tree on top of the coop and runs.

It wasn't a huge tree by any means. But it left a lot of logs to be cut, split and dried for the wood-burning stove, kindling to be cut into smaller pieces and debris to be dried and then burned.

And then it left some damage to the roof of the coop. A significant wrinkle in the shingles. I don't like significant wrinkles......... I'm certain the coop doesn't either!

With two trees down -- several limbs from other trees -- and a lot sticks and branches in the yard-- the chain saw and the bow saw are going to get a workout.

So what do we say? We say .................. "Ohhhhhhhhh! I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok. I sleep all night and I work all day!"

(Psst! We may grow old ......... we will never grow up!)


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