It's my Blogiversary!!!!!

I have been blogging for a whole year now. Who knew that I would have so much to say??? Well ........... everyone that knows me, knows that I have a lot to say!!! Or I say it a lot.......... Whatever!!!

I have learned a lot in the past year. Somethings about myself that I really didn't know. Like .... I really enjoy writing. So ..... I will never win a Pulitzer Prize or get a big book deal. Who cares? There are personal rewards from just doing a task. I'm not a particularly good writer .... I write exactly like I talk. But I know that the woods would be silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. So my keyboard will continue to spew words.

Blogging has taught me some new words. Like blogworthy and blogable. "It was a great day. There were some blogworthy events." We all know that kittens, new yarn, great meals and chickens are always blogable. But sometimes -- something great (or disasterous!!!) happens in your day. And suddenly, you think --- That's great blog material!!

I now carry my camera everywhere. Most of the time. But in the past, a camera came out at a wedding or a graduation or maybe a family reunion. Now -- the camera comes out when we are driving to Stringtown for groceries. Or canning tomatoes. Or picking off Japanese Beetles. Or cleaning the chicken coop. My camera is the most fashionable accessory I have.

That's really not saying much!!!

But it is true ...... I have far more pictures of pizza, bread and yarn in my albums than pictures of Honey. "No dear, you can't eat until I get a good photo." And I'm talking about the plate ..... not him!!!

I'm constantly surprised at the number of people that read the blog. I was volunteering at the market and two friends commented on the chickens eating the Japanese Beetles. Another woman commented on the tea cup tree and wondered how cups stayed on during a storm. (No problem so far .... I lost one that was very cracked when I put it up but that's it!) I've had people that I don't know, jump out of their cars and ask to see a particular barn quilt or Cindy Lou Who the duck.

I like the fact that the blog holds me accountable. So -- if I start a project, you want to see the finished project. It makes me get those UFO's done!!! Except for a certain pair of plaid socks. I hate that yarn!!!! I don't mind the bobbins or the pattern. I hate the yarn. There may be one lone sock for a very loooooong time!

But most of all --- I love the friends I have made. Blogging strengthens my bonds with my old friends and introduces me to new ones. It connects me to my customers. Seriously, I have no idea why I call them customers. They aren't customers ..... Our flower-guests are part of our family. And most of them know far more than they ever wanted about our funky life!!! I hear them screaming ......... TMI!! TMI!!

But I will continue to blog the nonsense from the farm as long as you continue to read it. So its Happy Blogiversary to me!!! I really think that deserves a salted nut roll ............. if I only knew where to find one????? (hint! hint!)


I think you should serve salted nut rolls to ALL your followers in honor of this auspicious event. Happy, happy!
Farm-Raised said…
Happy blog-day, friend!! I've loved getting to know you through your blog. Keep writing!!

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