Looking for a little independence....................

Sometime -- in June -- the bane of my existence arrives. I had never seen these little creepy things when I started Miss Effie's but after couple of happy years of flower growing, here they came. They invaded Iowa. Yes.......... I am talking about Japanese Beetles.

Now these aren't the oriental version of a mop-topped band (I would say the greatest band in history. Honey disagrees. And I still married him! Go figure!)
If there was one .. or two ... I could live with them. But noooooooooo! These little buggers have the best calling plan in America!!!! "Hey!! I found raspberries at Miss Effie's! Wanna party??" And suddenly they are all here.

Now -- they don't bite, sting or cause any problem at a picnic. That's because they are having their own picnic at your expense.
Yea --- they are definitely vegan. This is a wild grapevine. It has never produced a grape in the 13 years I have been hanging out here. But I do use it for wreathes and baskets. No more!! I whacked it down today.

So far -- I have eliminated "Kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate" and porcelain vine from the garden. They were just gourmet treats for these buffet-grazers. I don't replace or add any roses. And if my non-bearing cherry tree bites the dust ... it won't be replaced! But my raspberries..... they love raspberries.

I have no solutions.

Since I grow organically/naturally, harmful pesticides aren't in my vocabulary. I know Tempo works well ........ but I just can't bring myself to use it. Traps may work ... but some say the traps just attract more. So I do my morning, noon and night routine. I gather the little suckers in a bucket of water. I use just plain water ... some suggest soapy water.
Disgusting little creatures, aren't they???

But they are God's creatures and it is time for the "If you can't say anything nice" moment.
They are an incredibly popular hors d'oeuvre with my girls!!!!



Jen said…
This is the first year I've seen the beetles in my yard: on the raspberries, maple tree and tomato plants. Ugh! Sure wish I had some hungry chickens to feed. My dogs aren't interested - although they do like cicadas.

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