A thief, a confession and homemade ice cream.....

OK -- I did a bad thing. I stole an idea........ a very very good idea. But I stole it none-the-less.

My friend Jill from Blue Gate Farm did a status update on Facebook one day. She was making homemade ice cream for an ice cream social on her farm for her CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members. Hmmmm...... I thought. That's a great idea. And I put it in the back of my mind.

Until the other day. We found a brand-new ice cream freezer on the shelf at the Salvation Army. No White Mountain ice cream freezer but the price was right!!! So we grabbed it and an idea erupted!

OK -- that was confession number one. Now on to confession number 2.

I do not dye my hair. Yea -- I know. You are surprised. You thought this color was "Silver Ghost #63". Nope ..... its mine, all mine. And with this glorious color of gray hair came the years to go with it. As of next week .... I am officially a senior citizen. (Seriously, when did this happen???) Now -- I don't qualify for Medicare or Social Security but I do get my very own AARP card. And ten cent coffee at McDonalds.

I know! I know! I know! This is making no sense! Yikes!!! A Senior moment!! And I'm barely there!!!! Well, let me wrap it up for you!

On Sunday July 26th -- Miss Effie's will be throwing a party for her customers. My birthday ... your party. Cake and homemade ice cream for everyone. Seriously! 1 pm to 3 pm.

BUT there are a couple of catches.

1) You must RSVP..... tell me you are coming. If you don't, there may not be enough ice cream. I can not stress this enough!

2) You have to help out our friends and neighbors at the CCC food pantry. We will have a donation jar. The donations will be used to buy Freight House Farmers Market gift certificates. The food pantry will then use those gift certificates to buy meat, eggs, cheese and produce when needed. This will help our local farmers and the food pantry. Every one deserves to eat nutritious local foods.

And to show you that I put my money where my mouth is .......... 50% of all Miss Effie's sales that day will go toward the food pantry.

So come party with Miss Effie!! My girls are laying beautiful eggs for the cakes and ice cream. Enjoy the flowers, the weather and the corn-zebo. Play with the cats and make fun of Eva, Zsa-Zsa and Liz.

Just remember to RSVP by Thursday July 23. You can leave a message here or on Facebook (either my personal page or Miss Effie's fan page) or you can go to our website and send me a message.

Honey and I hope to see lots and lots of you! After all ..... it's your party!!!


corinne said…
Oh, you know that I am always up for a party with Miss Effie!
Nicole is very excited about her flowers, BTW.
BlueGate said…
Woohoo, steal it and make it your own! I think you've even improved on the idea. Wish I could be there, but would a donation of my "official" ice cream recipes be of any help? I have really good vanilla, ginger peach and chocolate recipes.
clink said…
Jill -- I have a good vanilla but no ginger peach. That sounds delicious!!!! I just did 1/2 bu of peaches today and they were great! I would love that!

Thanks for understanding .... but I was pretty certain you would!!!!!
rachel said…
see you there!
girlwithasword said…
I can't be there either - but would also like to help... how about some party favors from Prairieland Herbs? I think some sample-sized Wise Woman whipped shea butters would be a MOST appropriate item consider you are indeed a most Wise and Wonderful Woman...whaddayasay???
clink said…
Maggie ........ you are always way too generous. I do have to tell you -- that Wise Woman is my favorite.... well, after the shampoo and the healing salve and the body butter and the bath salts!

Damn! I wish you were closer!
Farm-Raised said…
The Klipschs will be there! All four of us. Homemade ice cream? Say no more.


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