What's new???

Life has been busy here on the farm. I really don't seem to be getting a lot done ..... but so be it!

The ducks have finally discovered the pond. Cindy Lou Who is with Lorax and Lermik, trying not to get her hair wet. I think she needs a shower cap. But would I have to tie it on her?

The tea cup tree continues to blossom with more teacups. Now, they are easily seen by the deforestation of the leaves by the ever-present Japanese beetles! Ah ha! That will the purpose of the tea cups. To clothe the poor crabapple after the beetles have stripped it naked!

My customers have gotten into the "clothing drive". This adorable cup came from my friend and customer Renee.

Some of my favorite spots in the gardens are tucked in little corners. Here are a few.

I'm really happy with the window box on the potting shed. It's not going to be there much longer. The potting shed is soon to be a new chicken coop and part of the "chicken complex". Yes .... we are creating an upscale neighborhood for poultry-living. I wasn't sure about the layout but I have figured out some ways to "fluff" if up with an arbor and fencing and a new garden. (Who would have thunk it???) So now.... Miss Eff is happy.

One of my favorite areas is the self-seeded garden that is running amuck! Yea ... I planted snapdragons and celosias, zinnias and cosmos. I'm certain somewhere there are marigolds and petunias. And I did see the backside of an aster. But now the dill and the cleome have officially taken over.

I was certain I had lost the pretty pink cleome .... but one is blooming now. So there will be death to the person that cuts that one!!! (Or 10 minutes picking Japanese Beetles off my cherry tree!) It needs to self-seed.

And a first for me ..... I am happy with my bicycle basket!!!! This year I planted moss roses in the basket and I am thrilled with the results.

Finally ........ a gratuitous kitten picture. Have you noticed on the farm blogs ..... we always show cute pet pics??? The reason.............. you are not going to see our beautifully decorated homes or our stylish new shoes. At least, not in July. Maybe December ...... after we recover from the summer. And have removed the protective layer of dust on the furniture. And exactly who was the smart ass that wrote the date on my dining room table?????

But I digress........... back to Izzie.

"Mom! Can't you just go away??? And will you do something about that sun??"

OK --- that's what's new (note...... I didn't claim it to be exciting) from Miss Effie's.


Carol said…
I'm so glad you clothed the crabapple tree with tea cups - even the Japanese beetles can't outsmart you! Thanks for mentioning cleome - I see it here in flower beds and my "Hungarian" brain couldn't get the name to come to the surface. I must get out and take some pictures of the flowers here - they really like flowers and have beautiful plantings.
Deborah said…
Cats really know how to relax! I love the kitty picture, but you're not supposed to point out WHY we always post pictures of our cute animals. People will start thinking that we're only human.

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