Life moves on .................

The other night was an amazing experience for me. First of all, the forum was respectful and very civil. There were none of the shouting matches as seen on the national media.

I was put in the "hot seat" up front at first. And I am sitting there and I see this guy that looks very familiar. And ya know when you see someone and you are certain you know them but just can't place them??? And it drives ya nuts!!!! Well -- there was this tall gray-haired man with a beard and I am searching my brain for the connection!!

For all my Iowa fiber friends ..... it was Mike ..... Abi's husband! So I was in good company!!

I met a couple of my regular blog readers........ who knew anyone read this!!! So that was very nice.

I tried to keep my composure. But when I got to the end of the speech --- I could hear the tears in my voice. Its hard to admit that you are no longer "middle-class". Hopefully, people will see that the health care crisis can put hard-working Americans in financial peril.

But life moves on to things that are more normal and definitely, more fun!!

Canning is beginning to kick into full gear. I have seen some amazing things being canned! Maggie has been hard at work with some zucchini salsa and some purple basil jelly. You can find the purple basil jelly recipe on the Prairieland Herbs website. And while you are there..... and if you have dry skin issues, check out Wise Woman Whipped Shea Butter. LOVE that stuff!!!!!

OK -- back to my canning accomplishments.... that really should be in small type. Cuz they are definitely small accomplishments!!

I've canned 30 pounds of sour cherries for cobblers and 3-3/4 bushel boxes of peaches for Honey's night time snacking. He loves his peaches!! Last year --I canned either 150 or 200 lbs. of peaches. There was one quart jar left when I started canning again. These peaches came from Missouri.

And look at these cute labels!! My very good friend, Debbie, that I have known a very long time (we won't say how long!!) gave me these for my birthday. I love these!!!!!

And this is peach jam, cooling in the jars. It really looks dark but its a beautiful peachy orange color. 8-1/2 8 oz jars are done!

Finally, I love seeing the flowers as they leave for a wedding. Here are 12 buckets heading for a wedding. I love seeing the back of a car so colorful!!

The next time I talk to you ... I will tell you about 25% of my grade school class, dining on Frogmore Stew in the corn-zebo!!! Yea .... I know. You are excited. I can hear it now..... "that's all I can take from the east coast of Iowa for today!!!"

Talk to you all later.


girlwithasword said…
awww thanks for the "commercial". DANG Honey eats alot of peaches! Do they keep him sweet?? :)

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