Fiber, Food and so Forth ... my Adventures in Mineral Point. Part One.

Yesterday, my friend and adopted-daughter Laura went to Mineral Point. I know -- we have two daughters already .... why do I need more? Well, neither Eldest Daughter or Youngest Daughter knit. And I live in fear that my bamboo and wooden needles will end up at Goodwill when I go to the big fiber fest in the sky! So I can will my stash and my Peace Needles and my Addi Turbos to Laura and then rest in eternal peace!!!!

So Laura and I took off for the Driftless Area Fibre Arts Faire. Seriously, how can you pass up a festival that uses old English??? And there were pasties being sold in all area restaurants. No!! Not stripper attire!! Think of it like a deceased country-western singer if her mother couldn't spell her name..... Pasty Cline! But more about that tomorrow.

Back to fibre.

OK -- this is a small fiber fest. About 10 vendors... but 10 awesome vendors. And they are all local to the Mineral Point area. Most raise and spin their own product. You know, I love buying what I call, Cheers yarn. Yarn that you know what sheep it came from and who's hands created it. Its like walking into Cheers ..... warm, friendly and everyone knows your name!

Can you say that about your acrylic Sayelle????

First, I bought some merino/tencel roving from Sandy's Palette
If it is dark enough, it will be socks for Honey. If it is too pastel after spinning, it will be socks for me.

So then Laura and I ventured to Argyle Fiber Mill's booth.
First of all, I really really liked these gals. Funny, cool, hip ... and one of the gals lived in Davenport and remembered the Fiber Shop that was in the Village of East Davenport.

I did some serious damage here. They had incredible yarn. And yes, Laura and I will be taking another road trip to Argyle WI to visit them. Too cool!

All wool -- 100 yd skeins. For .... get this! .... $4 a skein. So a pair of socks ... $8.00!! This is for me.

And the blue .......... socks for Honey.

Ok -- and then, my splurge! Big time. No ..... I will not tell you how much this was!!! 100% alpaca -- tightly twisted just for socks. I would have loved a sweater in this. But the poor checkbook could not have handled it. So socks, it will be!

There were more purchases. Some cream colored Shetland from Sarah at The Willow Homestead. I like Sarah .... I think she is shorter than I am. I didn't know that was possible!!! But she is very cute and had an adorable apron on ..... with little sheep all over it! Too cute! She was spinning on (be still my heart!) a Jensen! Yum.....

Then, back to La Bella Vita Fibre Gallery!

This (take note, my LYS!!) is what a yarn shop should be. Warm ... Friendly.... and you are allowed to have a cup of coffee. Cuz there is a coffee shop and a book store directly to the left! They also have food from across the pond (Michigan!!)

It was a wonderful day! And after the zoo I call my life last week .... it was a wonderful break.

So tomorrow (or so!) I'll tell you about the great local food and the effect arts and food can have on a community. Stay tuned!


hiccupp said…
4....dollars....4 dollars?

where is this magical land? Luckily, I've had 'good' experiences at LYS. She's always super nice to Zach, I try to avoid bringing him, but since that'll almost never happen.... But I would like to find other yarn shops that have...a little more selection. Like a lot. and fiber. I heard a rumor they carried "some" now, but no luck when I went in.

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