One Nation .......... under God??

Sometimes, I just don't understand politics. And sometimes, I don't understand religion. And I realize, I often see life in black and white. Yes -- No. Right -- Left. Up -- Down. (Oh yea. Those are my cats' names!)

To me, the health care debate seemed like a no-brainer. Lots of people without access to health insurance and therefore, health care. Ok -- Let's get them health insurance .... then, they will have health care.

It's similar to the fight for healthy food. Our homes, our schools, our food pantries cry out for fresh, nutritious foods to fight obesity and diabetes and heart disease......... so let's make sure everyone has access to those foods and how to prepare them. Evidently, its not that easy. Lots of shades of gray there. And still ..... lots of hungry people without healthy nutritious meals.

So I came out of the woodwork, to tell our health care story. I have had to deal with the private humiliation of publicly admitting that we are no longer middle class citizens. I have had to publicly admit what we can afford -- and what we can't because of the hospital and medical bills. I have been honest with the public when sometimes, I haven't been honest with myself about our situation.

But I thought .... when people hear my story .... they will understand the need for health care reform. Because we are one nation ....... under God.

But that hasn't been the response. Friends have accused me of trying to force their small businesses into bankruptcy because providing health insurance to all, will cost them too much. These are the same people that voted to keep the phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance .... one nation, under God. These are the same people that sit in church on Sunday.

And I wonder ..... are we one nation, under God?

Then today at church .... we went over a very simple verse. This was probably the first verse we memorized in Sunday School as a child .... Matthew 22: 35-40.

35One of them, an expert in the law, tested him with this question:

36"Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?" 37Jesus replied: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. 38This is the first and greatest commandment. 39And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.40All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments."

Love your neighbor as yourself. Pretty simple language. Nowhere did I find .... Only if they are living the life I want them to live. Only if they play by my rules. If they work hard enough. If they do what I think is right. Simply .......... Love your neighbor as yourself.

The health care debate is not about me. Its not about you. Its about our neighbors, where ever they may be. Its not the health care that we want to give them, its about giving them health care. Being neighborly ..... what a concept.

Pretty simple ...... Love your neighbor as yourself.


Carol said…
I love you, Cathy, but in this case, I have to disagree. If the government was good and just like Jesus was, then health care for all would be good and just. The problem is not that everyone deserves to have health care it is asking Uncle Sam to do it for us. They have not done a great job in many other instances and I don't trust them here. There's too much "if you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" going on. Historically, if you look at things that are done on a big scale - nationally, it is hard to get it right for everyone and so much of our dollars get spent before they ever get back to us. Most of the countries in Europe that have socialized medicine are much smaller than the U.S. and so perhaps it is a little easier to help more on that scale. I know that there is a debate even in those countries if the care is equally distributed to everyone. I admire you for stating what you believe - but there are more opinions on this issue.
clink said…
Hey Carol -- I really agree with you in so many ways. I am not certain about a government-run health care system but I know something has to change.

Personally, I want to hear debate with results. Not insults. Show me the baby ... don't tell me about the labor pains.

Personally, I feel more community care programs can be possible.

What are your suggestions? You have been in health care for years and now in Europe .... do you hear and see things that you like?
Carol said…
I agree something has to change. I listened to an interesting interview on Fox with a hospital administrator from Wisconsin. He talked about how they had reduced waste and saved money in that way - a new idea - trying to reduce costs so our dollar goes farther - wish I could find the interview again. We also need to get rid of competition between health care providers - duplication of services means it costs all of us more. I agree - we need reform - but the current bill talks nothing of tort reform and that's another big item that raises costs on everyone. We have been surprised that some of our health care costs we have incurred here in Hungary have been much lower than at home and drugs are also much less expensive - don't have the answer on the why. There don't seem to be as many layers of workers between the patient and doctor as in the U.S. I do think so much of what needs to be done has to happen as you say on the community level. I think everyone would agree that when the dollar goes to DC only 50 cents comes back. It is good to have a healthy exchange of ideas. On that we agree!
melanie said…
If the government was truly capable of administering a decent health care program, then they would have done so with the military or VA systems. Both of those are an embarrassment...
The government needs to step in and and force the insurance and pharmaceutical companies to reign in their greed and profit. Force them to compete across state lines and in a free market. Allow individuals and/or small employers to shop coverage. You'll see costs drop and benefits rise.
Like Carol says, there is too much "scratching" going on to protect the rich and the greedy companies.
But the rich wet their pants anytime anyone suggests controlling profits and greed - look at AIG and the Wall Street mess! They all still got their bonuses, didn't they?
Please don't suggest taking any more of my tax money to pay for a program that will only be corrupted and abused - let's work toward something that will get you superior care for less than the outrageous sum you are already paying...
Dan Mays said…
Unfortunately, this is a classic case of : "What they say." vs. "What they actually do."

God knows that one of the many reasons we all love you, Cathy, is that your heart is in the right place. Unfortunately, when you are dealing with politics, these bastard's actions do NOT correspond to what they say.

Unfortunately, there are far too many moochers and politicians (both Republican and Democrat) who make a career of taking unfair advantage of well-intentioned people to garner services or another vote.

One only has to see a welfare queen (true story) calling an ambulance for a yeast infection because (quoting), "I didn't want to wait in line at the emergency room."

Nobody talked a better line than Ted Kennedy about the need for health care access for all. However, his health care concerns kind of evaporated (until the next morning after he sobered up in his motel room) when there was a clear need at Chappaquiddick. Hmmm... The coroner's report cited finger nail claw marks in the roof of the car interior.

Let's be honest here: Cliff got the health care he needed (Praise the Lord!). The cost burden is quite another issue. If you were an illegal alien and/or welfare queen, you wouldn't give a damn because "society owed you anyway".

God bless you because you and Cliff are both responsible citizens. Lord knows that we need more Cliffs & Cathys. As it stands now, the politicians and moochers have saddled you with exorbitant, inflated costs. You are forced to subsidize the "pigs" who unfairly suckle at the nipple of a kind, compassionate society. These people have no intention of even attempting to pay for anything.

I trust you, Cliff and Jesus -- I damn sure don't trust the politicians.

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