OK -- I apologize for my salty language. But seriously............. THREE trees in one summer????

Honey and I returned from a shopping spree at Menards to find this! Yep -- we were thrilled to finally be purchasing 2- 50' rolls of fencing and some fence posts for the up-scale chicken complex ........ only to find this!!!

So ......... in spite of a farm inspection for Animal Welfare Approved next week, 2 food demonstrations at Generations Area Agency on Aging, two cider pressings at the farm and 2 speeches this weekend....... we get to find time to clean this up!!!

We could deal with it a bit better if it was a good burning wood. But willow is very soft and so it will become a quick burning bonfire.

I'm thinking Honey is wistfully reminiscing about the years before Miss Eff arrived on the farm. Remembering the times he was totally bored. But very well rested!!!


hiccupp said…
yikes! what a bummer :(
fullfreezer said…
Oops! I hope you've got a chainsaw or two. Good luck. I'm sure you'll find the time.
Dan Mays said…
Hey ... I have about 25 (?) good wooden fence posts that I need to get rid of. Are you interested? Did I mention FREE?

See. "WTF" stands for, What ... those free?
corinne said…
I am guessing that Honey's life was not nearly as interesting B.C. (before Cathy).

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