10 things you don't know about me!!!

It's Monday .... my flowers are frozen and I am free at last!! I love planting in April but the first frost brings a sense of freedom unknown in July!

So I'm going to bore you to death with totally un-important stuff about my life! Can't say you weren't warned.

1) I love Cheerios. Plain old Cheerios. No Honey-Nut. No Multi-Grain. Plain old Cheerios. And I like them soggy. With raisins.

2) I am very short. The doctor told me that I should reach 5 feet. I thought he meant in height and not width.

3) My first dog was a border collie named Cindy. Cindy is also the name of my college roommate and one of my very best friends. Coincidence? I think not.

4) I think men in plaid flannel shirts and blue jeans are very sexy. Therefore, I find This Old House to be as good as any erotic movie. Norm Abrams is a hunk.

5) I hate being called "Cathleen". I know its my name but it doesn't fit. I'm Clink, Clinker or Cathy. "Cathleen" is what my mother called me when I was in trouble. I heard it a lot. Please call me something else!

6) If I am in a crowded room ...... I will be found by my laughter.

7) My favorite outfit is a pair of ratty jeans, a worn cashmere sweater and boots.

8) I won an Ethan Allen Young Decorating Contest when I was 15. You couldn't tell it now by looking at my house.

9) Our eldest daughter Jill picked me out to be her stepmother. That's the nicest compliment I have ever been given.

10) And finally ..... the perfect age to be??? Its now. I am so lucky to have such an incredible life and a wonderful partner to share it with. I really don't think anyone else has such a perfect life.... bills, cracked plaster, jobs and all. In the big picture............. it is all good.


Emily & Laura said…
I LOVE Norm Abram. And I have his autograph. Seriously, I'll show you sometime!!!

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