Faith, Farming and Food

Every farmer I know is a spiritual person. They may not be deeply religious...... but they have an underlying faith and trust in God. To farm... is to have the joy of really connecting with God's green earth. We see his creation around us and we marvel as a tiny seed breaks through the hard dry soil and becomes the incredible vegetable that it might be.

I have a deep conviction that food should be eaten as God wanted it eaten. Not as Cargill or ADM would prefer. No added sugar or high fructose corn syrup. (Seriously, where can that possibly be considered natural???) No added fats or doused heavily with salts and preservatives.

Just food!

And my faith in that food and the way I look at food is sometimes, shaken. I may be standing in the check-out aisle of the grocery store (and yes, I do go to the grocery store!) and I spot them. Yep -- a contestant for the new reality game show that I want to create. Extreme Grocery Cart Make-over!

You have seen the carts! Three cases of Mountain Dew, 5 frozen pizzas, 8 frozen dinners, a jar of Cheese-Whiz and the entire Frito-Lay line-up!! And yea, a box of Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies ...... cuz ya know, oatmeal helps lower cholesterol levels!

I want to toss it all out and make them stand in the corner of the produce section till they understand what they are doing to their bodies! And their insurance costs. (You knew, I would get health care reform in here somehow!!!)

And I cringe........... and I know their childrens' lifespan has been shortened by food built in a chem lab rather than grown in God's good garden. And I wonder .... are farmers and foodies the only ones that care???

Then I get an email like this ......................

I am looking to buy from local farms. I would like to find someone to sell me raw milk, fresh eggs, and meat from animals that have not been fed grain. I will consider any location up to an hour drive from the Moline airport. Thanks so much.

Yes!! .......... we are making a difference!

So dear friends, keep on walking that walk! I know its the end of what most of us consider --- gardening season ..... but we have an incredible opportunity with indoor farmers markets to get great fresh seasonal foods. We have sources like Buy Fresh-Buy Local and Local Harvest that can connect us to local fruits, veggies, meats, eggs and cheese.

And let's keep talking the talk and work on expanding these options along with exciting new prospects like more community gardens and local food co-ops.

And what can you do???? You can eat ..... real food. No preservatives. No additives. Simple. Delicious. Real.


hickchick said…
Nice post- gives me hope as someone who is currently taking action to build a different life-not centered around the two income professional treadmill/family.
Real Food Lives! Thank you.
Dan Mays said…
Well, in general I agree with you, Cathy. However, I HAVE to draw the line at Cheese-Whiz!

I mean, come on, now ... You can't expect me to give up one of the truly great inventions created solely out of good ol' American ingenuity.

While it may not exactly be a food, you are totally ignoring the entertainment value (its greatest asset). It is an absolute essential of any properly stocked boudoir.
Deborah said…
I love your idea for grocery cart make-over!

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