Keeping me off the Streets

The 2009 farming season at Miss Eff's is history. Toast ..... as we would say. Actually, I would say "Good riddance!"

What an unbelievable year! Who knew you could get so much rain in Iowa??? And no heat. Seriously, what is Iowa without at least one 99 degree day with 98% humidity? No steam bath to open my facial pores???? No days that you take three cool showers just to feel human???

Selling flowers is done. No picnics in the corn-zebo. I haven't had tablecloths on the clothesline for a month now! The weeds remain but what else is new?

So what's ol' Miss Eff to do with her time?????

After all, she could get into a lot of trouble with too much time on her hands!! There is Don's Pub and all. (For the Donahue-novices out there, Don's Pub is the local-yokel hang-out. They do make a heck of a pork-chop sandwich. The closest thing to a vegetable at Don's is the pickle on the sandwiches and the home-fries. It is also the home of the Scott County Wrestling Federation. Do I have to say any more?????)

Well -- I am teaching some adult education classes for Scott Community College and this is my shameless plug for them.

November 9 -- Jellies and Jams -- jams that are made from ingredients easily found at the grocery store, including my favorite apple pie jam!

November 23 -- Gifts from your kitchen -- ice cream toppings

December 8 -- Pizza!! Pizza!! -- I am really excited about this one. We will be making pizza crusts in class but we are also making mozzarella cheese. So if you ever wanted to try your hand at making cheese .... this is the place.

January 12 -- A Healthy Start for Infants and Preschoolers -- homemade baby food and preschooler snacks.

January 19 -- Healthy Eating for Less --- this is another class that I am super-excited about. We will talk about the way to cut your grocery bill and eat healthier. I need my friend Maggie there!!! But everyone says it costs too much to eat real food. So we will discuss how to cut the grocery bill by 30%. Takes some planning.... may take some work.... but it is more than possible!

And finally ...........

January 26 -- Home-grown produce soups -- Same class that I taught at Nursery School last spring. Three great soups that are made with items that typically grown and preserved from the garden.

So that's the line-up. Sign up for a class. Get to meet Honey. (Yes, he does exist!!!) And save Miss Eff from a life on the streets. OK -- if truth be know --- Save Donahue from Miss Eff and a future in the police blog of the North Scott Press.


girlwithasword said…
Please move here. Please please please? Please???
hotflawedmama said…
Where do I sign up? I would really love to take a few of these!
corinne said…
You forgot Del's pub...also a very classy place...gotta give equal time
clink said…
Hey Hotflawedmama -- go to and the adult ed classes. Come for the cheese class! Hopefully -- it will be good.

Maggie -- We need that time-travel tunnel thing!!! A pleat in Iowa. Cuz I have wanted to be at sample Sunday all year!!!!

And yes, Sheepie... I did forget Del's. Or try to. Ya know -- they aren't such bad places if the old guys wouldn't sit on the bar stools and turn around and stare when a "non-regular" walks in the door! Feed store is bad enough. Thank God for Karen!
Carol said…
I'm so glad to know that the establishments in Donahue are alive and well and happy to know that they are safe from you, or is it vice versa? Your classes sound fun - I would sign up if it weren't so far!! Enjoy your "new" career, or perhaps, I should say, the "off season".

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