Wanna buy a cupcake????

I was listening to the Sunday morning talk shows and their pundits. PBS interviewed Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) about health care reform. Senator Coburn is one of the few practicing physicians in Congress.

From what I understand, he does see need for reform but doesn't see the need for government to get involved in that reform.

Sen. Coburn's answer was for neighbors to take care of neighbors.

Ya know, I like that. I personally think that is a great idea.

But here is what I see as the problem. I know no one that is as financially secure today as they were 10 years ago. Our income has dropped 33% in the last 6 years. However, cost of living has continued to go up. Our 401k might pay for a few years of heat ......... but not much more!!!

So ..... I could call my friends and ask ....... "Wanna help me pay for my health care expenses?"
And as dear and wonderful as our friends are ........ they are facing their own financial worries.

This is my point of view...... friends are there when I need a hug or to cry. Friends may bring a delicious meal to help out. Friends may offer a ride, run an errand for me or hand me a bag of green peppers. But friends don't need to be paying my health care bills.

And as I see it .......... we are looking at a vicious circle. Sue needs $4000 today for a CT-scan and Johnny needs $2000 for colonoscopy. We are collecting and passing money around and around and around. Senator Coburn must live in a fancier neighborhood than I do cuz $4000 looks pretty overwhelming to me and my friends. Let alone the hundreds of thousands that many Americans owe to the health care system.

We have insurance ..... and relatively good insurance at that. But the constant health-care expenses have eaten away at our savings, our financial well-being and our future. And I know I am not alone. We are all facing that ........ its just a health-care crisis away.

So maybe the answer is that age-old answer ........ we need to have a bake sale. Yep!! Right on the corner ........ I'll be selling cookies and bread. I better run ........ I have 11,000 cupcakes to bake. I wonder if I have enough flour???


Anonymous said…
Tom Coburn. LOL. What do you expect from someone who say's 'All life is sacred" and is pro-life, but advocates the death penalty for abortionists. Then admits he has performed abortions himself.
fullfreezer said…
Better warm up that oven! That's a lotta cupcakes!

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