Crazy about Crazy Girl!!!!!!!!

I know I told you that I was on a yarn diet. I can cheat as fast on a yarn diet as I can on Weight Watchers. And I did. Sue me.

(The good news is that I ate no pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. I did eat an incredible pumpkin mousse at mis-fit Thanksgiving. But no pumpkin pie. Brie covered in cinnamon-apple topping with pecans and wrapped in puff pastry does not show up on any "Don't Eat" lists. I'm sure that was fine!!!)

OK ---- a couple of weeks ago I showed you the hat I received in the mail. It was in sorry shape. Here is the note that was packed with it.

This is near tragedy. Look what happened to my favorite hat! The good news is that I actually washed it. I'm sure I've washed it before but I have no memory of this.

Please, please, please tell me it can be saved!! It's my most favorite thing.


Seriously, am I going to turn down such a request just because I am on a yarn diet???? Somethings just have to be done.

I sacrificed my diet ............... and went to Crazy Girl yarn shop in Muscatine. (Note to Readers ........ DO NOT GOOGLE "CRAZY GIRL". Just follow my link.... enough said!)

Yep .............. it was like walking into the Godiva Chocolates of Yarn!!! Sock yarn to the right. Sock yarn to the left. Sock yarn was everywhere! That hot pink sock yarn to the far upper right of the photo? That now belongs to me. I was in serious trouble!

See that friend/enabler there?? My friend Robin. She got me spinning. And now, she is hooked on drop-spindles and says I should join her. She is a psychology prof .......... she knows all the tricks for making me fall for that!!! She's really good. I am sooo ready to try. (We know what I tough-sell I am. All she had to mention was the word ..... portable!)

I was actually quite good. My purchases did not reach the three-digit level. That is usually a given.

But if you have never been to any of the Crazy Girl yarn stores (Muscatine, Coralville and Cedar Falls) you need to make a road trip. They are warm, friendly, laid-back places where you can have a cup of coffee ......munch on a biscotti ......... and browse through a book. You can fondle yarn to your heart's content. They are every thing a local yarn shop should be.

Life is good.

PS..... the author of the fore-mentioned note received TWO replacement hats ... exactly like the one that was damaged. Can't take a chance on losing or misplacing someone's most favorite thing!!! Maybe we can get photos to follow.


hiccupp said…
You've never used a drop spindle??? WOMAN! get thee a dowel and get going :)

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