Eggin' me on!

I love this time of year! Now is the time when the chicks I bought last spring are springing into action and are finally worth their feed costs!!!!

Yes ....... I have pullet eggs. Lots of pullet eggs. At this moment, I have 4 dozen pullet eggs in my refrigerator. I don't sell pullet eggs well. They end up being gifts to my friends. Or .... I bake/cook a lot.

Saturday was one of those days. I made a big batch of noodles. There were still lots of eggs in that refrigerator and Honey walked in with 5 more!!!!

So ....... it was time to pull out the big guns. Yep, time to make custard.

Except this time, I decided to make creme caramel.

Now the problem with pullet eggs is the size. Recipes are usually based on using large eggs. Hmmmmm? Pullet eggs ........ not so much. So are three enough?? Five too many???

In the end -- I had a very rich custard. Lots of yolks in that one. So let's see how it went!!

Caramel ......... perfect!!! Didn't burn it!

Custard cups were filled beautifully and were awaiting their water bath.

Now ..... the time to un-mold the custard. The higher the percentage of yolks to the whites, the softer the custard will be. Hmmmmm? This needed another white or so!!

But it was rich and creamy and delicious. So really who cares about the lack of perfect shape??

Well -- Martha does. And if truth be known, so does Miss Eff. Yea........ its a control issue thing.

(See, Honey -- I admitted it!!! I'm trying to surrender that control thing! And the stool .... anyone at Heritage yesterday? I'm trying to give up the stool!!! And did you notice that name ..... Cathleen?? I am in trouble!!)

In other eggy-news, a couple of pics of the newest members of the coop. Sheepie Neighbor and I split an order of Easter-eggers back in September. This order had some of the prettiest Aracunas that I have ever had!

And this little roo won't be seeing the inside of the oven anytime soon!!! (As if that would ever happen anyway!!!) But what beautiful feathers!! He may not lay pretty green or blue eggs but he is staying. He needs a name. Got to work on that.

And that is all the egg-citing news from Miss Effie's!!!!!


Michelle said…
Ooooh . . . custard. Creme caramel! Drool . . . .
MollyBeees said…
Creme caramel! Chickens! Will you adopt me!?

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