The Gold in my Life...............

Do you remember going to camp and singing this round?

Make new friends,

but keep the old.

One is silver,

And the other gold,

Well, these two gals are the gold of my life!!!

We wander the world. We meet a lot of new people and make a lot of new friends. But some how, some way .......... the ones that knew you way back when are just tooo special.

A few years ago, Debbie (on the right in the red) saw an article in the Radish about Miss Eff and surprised me on the farm one Saturday. Honey says it was the first time he saw me speechless. And since .... we have had so much fun together.

Nancy .... on the left ... came from Tuscon area to help get her parents settled into their new home. So we had to get together!!!

So there was really only one place to go .......... Lunardi's! Great, locally owned Italian restaurant.

I know ..... why do we go there??? Honey has such a time with the menu!!! But he has learned to be spontaneous ......................... and always order the lasagna!

Me .............. I have to be the last one to order and then I might as well let the waitress order for me!!! Too many good options!!!!!! But we do know what wine and appetizers to order!

Wonderful meal ............ wonderful time............ and most of all, wonderful friends. Oh yea ..... the other two........... Debbie's husband Jim is at the end of the table and his cohort in humor is across from me. That would be Honey.

I love you guys! Thanks for being there for me for the last 50 some years. You are truly the gold in my life.


jillwaukee said…
Like father like daughter. Lasagna, enchiladas, fried chicken, reubens. As I get older, the friendships that I've had forever (Craig, Jake, Cory) all seem to be like little bits of heaven. My laughs are different with them, I don't have to explain myself, they know me and still love me. They make life easy!
Dan Mays said…
I'm with Cliff. Italian food is one thing I just don't "get" either.

I will readily agree that I am probably missing something. But ... it all just seems like another form of noodle. (They just call it pasta.)

They throw a fancy name on all of them but really ... it is just another noodle. They have big ones, small ones, round ones, flat ones, skinny ones, fat ones, curly ones, long ones, short ones, folded ones, crimped ones, and all of the hundreds of variations by combining the shapes. But lets face it --- they are all just boiled noodles with some sauce.

Generally, I like to watch the cooking shows on PBS -- with one exception. I can't stand to watch Lydia - "The Pasta Heifer". Every show is the same: Boil up some noodles, pour or stir something into them, slosh a little wine around in her mouth and tell us it tastes "Perfect". (When it really just tastes like another boiled noodle with some stuff on it.)

Give me Ming any day. I turn the channel when "The Pasta Heifer" comes on.

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