Knits and News.........

It has been really busy here at Miss Eff's. I don't know if I am coming or going. And of course, my house shows that!!!

But things will slow down in a couple of weeks. So at the moment, I guess I need to enjoy the merry-go-round ride that is our life! I will try to catch you all up on everything but it will take several posts. So bear with me .......... and I'll keep talkin'!

I have been trying to knit every free moment I have. I knit in the car. (OK! OK! I will knit when other people are driving! You talk on your cell phone!!!) I knit before meetings. I knit all evening. I knit over lunch. I just knit.

There are lots of projects on the needles at the moment. OK ... there are four plus in active knitting mode. Uhhh.... maybe that's a couple too many??? But I do have a completed project to show!!!

Handspun Shetland wool from Willow Homestead in Redgranite, Wisconsin. And look at that button!

Vintage 1930's celluloid button that I bought here. Cute????

Now to find just the perfect person for this hat. First of all ......... they need to live in a cold climate. And walk to work and to school. And they really should have 2 dogs.... a terrier and a smaller dog. Doesn't have to be a scotty dog.

And they should have a hat that currently looks like this!!!!

Suggestions??? Volunteers???

In other quick news.......... Yesterday, Phil Crandall and I went to the state Buy Fresh - Buy Local meeting to represent the Quad-Cities chapter. Great meeting ......... we learned a lot. But best of all, Phil and I came up with some great ideas to move our chapter forward. So stay tuned, check out the webpage and the Facebook fan page for Buy Fresh - Buy Local QC.

Now, to find an owner for that hat.....................................


jillwaukee said…
I know someone! I love it!! That button is so stinkin' cute. I have been lost without my hat this week. You rule.
clink said…
I was hoping you would like it!!!! Isn't that button perfect????? I can't believe I found something sooo right!

And I will re-knit the other hat, too. After all .... ya live in Denver. Ya might need them!!!
Great hat and the button is super cute!
BoPeep said…
Holy cow! Just stumbled across this post...from 3 years ago?! How neat to see something made with my yarn. It looks like you must have bought a skein of MaryBay's ivory from me somewhere along the way. Thanks for sharing!!

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