Making do .... but not doing without.

There are times in our lives that we just make do.

Sometimes, it means wearing an old dress when you would rather have a new one. Sometimes, its shortening a hem or adding a ruffle. Sometimes, it is finding something at a thrift store that is glittery enough for a one-night event.

We are "making do" a lot this year. Its been repairing windows when new storms would be more efficient. Its been chopping wood for the wood stove when its easier to turn up the heat. Its another blanket on the bed and another pair of hand-knit socks. Its listening to Pandora on the computer instead of buying another CD. Its a trip to the library or borrowing a book from a friend.

Its just the way life is.

But I have really scored on recent thrift store expeditions. The sweater above was a vintage cashmere from Scotland .... I'm thinking about 1965???? $4.00!!! Now I have to decide if I want to dig through the button jars to replace the 10 matching buttons with 10 (if I can find them!!!) pearl buttons.

Ahhh...... the joys of having little hands and feet! Today ... it was all about little hands. Look at those lovely kid leather dress gloves. $5.00 ........... perfect fit! Love them!!!!

I am really trying to get the importance of "stuff" out of my life. (You can see that as I buy a new sweater and gloves, right????) But I see these beautiful homes online and in the magazines........ and I want. So ..... I try to create.

I love trays. My BFF Cindy gave us a beautiful tray for a wedding present that I cherish. A pot of tea and a biscotti or muffin with a good friend deserves a tray.

I wanted a new tray for the living room and the corn-zebo. So a trip to the ReStore Store was in order. And for $3 -- I got an old kitchen cabinet door, 2 handles and a paint brush. I had the paint already.

And with a little work .... and a little cussing the tiny little Phillips screws on the handles!!! ...... I had a new tray for the living room. Nice addition for the holidays and something I will use a lot.

In other "make do" news ........ I am on a yarn diet. No new yarn this season. My knitting season goes from September to March. By the end of March, I am back in the garden and my hands become too rough to knit fine yarns. Stash busting seems like a really good idea this year. And besides, I have a closet that is busting with roving and clouds. And there is bin after bin of yarn. So I can knit everything I could possibly want and not make a dent in the stash.

If truth be know....... I could probably do this for several years and never run out of projects or yarn.

So a couple of new projects are completed.

This is the Marsan watchcap pattern from Ravelry. Love the pattern. Love the story. And I love the yarn from Farmhouse Yarns .... it is Andy's Merino in a color called Black Cherry. I am currently working on a pair of socks out of Fannie's Fingering in Glacier. Great yarn to work with. Wonderful hand and knits up beautifully!

And these are my new socks...........

Making do in that style ..... really isn't too tough!!!


hiccupp said…
love that sweater!!

and I hear ya..after searching high and low for a cheap WARM maternity sweater, I finally got a couple "too big, but darn warm" wool sweaters from salvation army. And bought some fishermans wool one 50% off coupon at a time to knit a cardigan that is (hopefully) almost done.

and that tray is AMAZING! love it!

and just for a bit of enabling ;) I read somewhere online, that when you break down the cost per hour of 'entertainment', knitting is really one of the cheapest hobbies :)

Sure that yarn maybe $18 a skein, but if it takes you 9 hours to knit a pair of socks, that's ONLY $2/hour. Which is much cheaper than going to a movie or eating out. :) Its all how you justify it ;) and you still have the socks at the end!
corinne said…
Love the socks...and the sweater...and the tray!
Oh, I wish I had your creative spirit! That tray is absolutely awesome ... and so are the socks! I'm lucky if I can sew on a button. :)
Michelle said…
I've bought second-hand so much the last few years that retail just seems obscene to me. After all, I'm middle-aged and work at home; how fast can I conceivably wear out anything besides socks and underwear? (And yes, I do buy the latter at retail :-)

I just wish I could figure out what I could make EVERYone on my gift list to minimize the purchases there....
QuiltedSimple said…
Love the sweater! And that tray is to die for! I have an old kitchen cabinet door - thanks for a wonderful idea for it!!!!
Especially love the tray and the socks! My oldest doesn't have time for a job now that she's at U of I, so I just told her to make me a pair of socks for Christmas with yarn that I bought. I love homemade things!

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