Where have all the antiques gone????

And I am not talking about me!!!! Collectible, maybe. Antique ... not so much!!!

After church on Sunday, Honey and I took off for Amana to have brunch, pick up some beer and soda and generally, just to walk around and enjoy the beautiful fall day.

We explored several of our favorite shops. We bought cheese and bacon, sausage and ham. We tasted some beer and bought my favorite cream soda.

We were disappointed as it looks like one of my favorite antique shops has closed. So I remembered seeing one that I hadn't been into for years and years and years ..... if ever.

OH MY!!!!!!

First of all ........... I was not banned for drooling. The owner is very kind. I should have been!!! This is one of the BEST collection of primitive antiques that I have seen in years. So sit back .... enjoy the brief tour. I wish I had taken more pictures. Mary Anne was so gracious to let me.

Step back cabinet -- sides are made of one board. And the beautiful original pumpkin orange paint. Out of this world!!!

A beautiful wall arrangement of spatterware, yellow ware and iron work. Love the spice box!!!

Decorative finished box.

Not sure if it is original paint on this dry sink but it is early paint. I rarely have seen two-toned painted cabinets here in the midwest. Love the colors!! And don't you love the wear of the paint of the left door?? How many little fingers reached in for a pan to drum on?????

Ok -- this is the piece that put me into cardiac arrest. I know that I don't have any place in the world for this bench. I know it is bigger than most of the rooms in my little old farmhouse. But seriously, I want/crave/heart this piece!!!!

Wanna know why???

Look at that beautiful decorative paint!!!!

Yea .... anyone that wants to buy me that for Christmas, please feel free to!!! Oh yummmm!

So ... if you are in eastern Iowa and you are taking in the Amana Colonies, stop by Erenberger Antiques. They are at 4514 F Street in Amana. And their phone number is (319) 622-3230.

Just in case you want to order the bench for me ................ its just a suggestion!!! sigh.


BlueGate said…
Oh Cathy, I just knew you would have good taste in antiques...yep, you just confirmed it! Loved everything you highlighted. Are you sure you don't want to relocate to central Iowa? ; )

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