Faith ......... not fear.

I don't talk a lot about my faith. There were two topics you didn't discuss in polite society. Religion and politics. But I will never be known as the Miss Manners of Donahue. Hey! I talk politics all the time. Its time to talk about my faith for once.

I was raised in a Christian home but like many, I became apathetic to Christ and God. I really didn't see how it could make a difference in our life. Besides, I sure didn't fit into that church where I was raised!!!!! We were good people.........that should be good enough.

So God spent a lot of time trying to get my attention. Lord knows, He gave me one of the most beautiful places in Iowa to live! But evidently, that still wasn't enough to wake me up. Like my grandfather would say, "Sometimes, you have to hit a mule over the head to get its attention!"

Yea ..... I got hit with a 2x4!

A little over two years ago, Honey and I had trucked through a hayfield. I was looking for a barn to move to the farm so a friend suggested one and we were off looking at it. On the way home, Honey mentioned feeling a little off his game.

We were walking around outside.... debating some alternatives to moving a barn(!) Honey said he thought he would go inside for a few minutes. I should have thought ........ hmmm, that's weird. But I didn't.

A few minutes later .... I went in to join him and sat down at the spinning wheel. "I don't feel good", Honey said. "So what is wrong?", I asked. Honey had a sore shoulder ......... but he had unloaded 250 lbs of feed the night before. And then he said he was nauseated.

Easily explained symptoms. Nothing alarming.

However........... I was sitting at the wheel and I heard a voice very clearly say, "Get him to a doctor now!" It was my Dad's voice as clear as a bell. But Dad had died of a heart attack 23 years earlier......... at exactly the same age Honey was at the time. Evidently, God knew that I wasn't going to listen to a random voice. It better be someone that could wake me up!!!

For some reason ... Honey listened to me and we went off to the doctor. (Of course, I did let him drive!!!!) We reached an emergency health care facility and instantly knew that Honey was in the midst of a heart attack.

Honey had a 99% blockage in the artery that they call "the widow maker". No pain -- no Fred Sanford "I'm coming to meet you, Elizabeth". Just a little discomfort.

After an emergency surgery with two stents ..... and another surgery scheduled....... Honey was home again. I had been blessed. For 60% of all heart attack patients ....... the very first symptom is death.

Every night ........ I would lie in bed, listening for sounds of his breath. I would lay my hand on his chest to make sure he was ok. I was terrified. I was living alone in this sea of friends. I was living in fear.

Fear was not a place I wanted to live. But I was going to live there ........ if I didn't have faith. It was a choice only I could make. God gave Honey and I a second chance (and really, a third and fourth chance.... considering he survived 1-1/2 bouts of cancer!!!) Yea .... we aren't the sharpest knives in the block. Takes us a few hits over the head to get the point!!!!

So the last two years have been a new journey in our lives. With the love and support and the spiritual guidance of our friends, Debbie and Jim .............. Sunday, we celebrated our birthday! Honey and I were baptized at Heritage Church in Bettendorf. I can not begin to describe how amazing it was!

We have a l--o--n--g road to travel to reach knowledge and understanding. But we made the first step on Sunday ... and if you were there, you know it was an extremely long step for me!!! (I am very very short and the tank was very very deep!!!)

Thank you, Debbie and Jim for your patience, your understanding and your love.

We love you both.....
Honey and Miss Eff


hotflawedmama said…
What a terrific post. Congratulations on the next step!
Michelle said…
What a wonderful testimony; thank-you SO much for sharing and CONGRATULATIONS on making public your commitment to God! I always think of baptism more as a wedding than I do a new birth. New birth is a private affair between us and God; baptism is the public ceremony where we tell the world Who we love. I, too, am a woman of faith but my blog doesn't seem an easy vehicle to share it....
Thanks for sharing what a great story. I don't pretend to know how faith works but I know there are things that happen in my life that I can't explain. I don't need to understand so much as I have to remember to accept each gift and be grateful for it.
hiccupp said…
ooohhh you had to post this today. ;) I've been having a bit of a crazy pregnant emotional day based on the very same thing. perhaps I needed a reminder ;)

And how exciting for you guys. Not only taking that step, but having found a place and friends like that!
Miss Effie said…
Thanks you guys for understanding. I find it difficult to discuss my faith in my blog... I want to be PC, and timely and funny. And we are often told that our faith .... isn't the above.

But that is soooo wrong. I need to take more steps!!!
Teri said…
Cathy congratulations to you and Cliff!! Thats wonderful! The Lord will never leave your side. And you know doesn't matteer how many more "steps" you feel you need to take - we are all at a different place - whats important it that we're all on the right path!!! God bless you!!!
Farm-Raised said…
Have you read Traveling Mercies? Oh would love that book!
Beth said…
Congratulations to you both. And thank you for sharing your story. In the Orthodox world, this is what we say on special occasions: May God grant you many, many years!"
girlwithasword said…
beautiful post Miss Effie, thanks for sharing!

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