ISO gourmet pizza toppings......................

Ya know that I like making my own mozzarella cheese. And I like to talk .... which leads me to teaching what I like to make.

So on Tuesday -- I am teaching a homemade pizza and mozzarella cheese class through Scott Community College.

I thought ..... this will be fun. Maybe there are some other people that are nutty enough to want to make their own cheese. Well ........ there are. Twenty of them. The class is completely sold out and there is another class scheduled for February.

We teach the classes in the home economics classroom of a local high school. There are 6 kitchenettes and the demonstration kitchen. I will be making a pizza and demonstrating the cheese making process. Then the students will divide into groups and make their own pizza and cheese.

Here is the question.............

I am looking for some great pizza combinations. I will be roasted the veggies (which I love!!!). I will have the ingredients for a classic margarita pizza. I want to use only the mozzarella cheese and not go into feta or blues --- even though I really love those. I really didn't think we would be making 7 different pizzas!!!!

So do you have any great pizza combos?? Care to share??? I'll send you any left-overs. (Don't check your mailbox too often. Chances of left-overs? NONE!!)


My favorite pizza ever - barbecue chicken pizza! Barbecue sauce instead of tomato sauce, shredded chicken, fresh basil, thinly sliced onion, and cheese - hopefully smoked gouda.
Michelle said…
One of my very favorite pizza toppings - unfortunately, not one that can ever be a local product - is stuffed green olives. YUM.
fullfreezer said…
Oh, rats, we made one last year that had garlic olive oil on the crust (instead of sauce) and had very thinly sliced winter squash and rosemary on it. I don't remember where I got the recipe. I really liked it but it wasn't a hit with the rest of the family.
hiccupp said…
ooh. tomato/basil/spinach is probably my all time fave (with garlic) but I think that's awfully close to margarita pizza.

Once at work, I got an accidental slice of artichoke heart/tomato pizza that was AWESOME.

I may be of no use here, because I could probably survive on tomato/basil/spinach/garlic/artichoke heart/cheese. Of any combination, varitey, perparation ;)
girlwithasword said…
blue gate farm sun dried tomatoes! Pesto, or leftover alfredo sauce, instead of regular pasta sauce. morel mushrooms. :) sauteed spinach, or (my fave) wild greens. Super-garlicky sauteed herbed mushrooms. a blue potato, cooked and thinly sliced (really!). carmelized onions. (I do the crock pot method - fill a crock pot full of onions, throw in a stick of butter and a bunch of herbs, little salt and pepper, and turn on low for 24 hours or more). roasted red peppers. grilled asparagus. hmmm that's what I can think of off the top of my head....OH! Fried sage leaves, yum.
Michelle said…
Okay, now I'm going to have to try the crockpot carmelized onions! Can you freeze them after cooking?

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