Looking Forward ... quick glance back!

Thirty more days and we can count 2009 as history. Wow! That went fast! Or .... if you happened to be a farmer in eastern Iowa .... maybe not fast enough!

2009 has been one of the wettest years on record. And we ain't done! October was one of the coldest Octobers on record. And November was the 7th warmest on record.

The record at Miss Eff's ................... Best customers on record! Ya smiled, ya laughed. You dined in the corn-zebo and enjoyed the tea cup tree. You bought eggs and jellies and jams. You brought me milk jugs, sandwiches, tea cups and tablecloths. You wrote reviews and sang our praises. And if you didn't............ at least you had the heart not to tell me!!!

You drove from miles to see us .......... and didn't complain about the gravel road. (Personally, I think the gravel road keeps the riff-raff out. And besides, my neighbor drives his 1/4 million dollar combine down it! I think its good enough for a $35000 SUV!!!)

You gave me hugs when I needed them. You were generous when I asked for your help with the food pantry. You held chickens when I forced them on you. And you forgave my dusty house when you used the restroom.

And most of you liked our old shabby-chic farmhouse. (Except for the woman that said to me "You live in that house? I'd burn it down!!!") Actually, it cracked me up!!!!!

You have been the best!!!!!

In bad news, it was the worst flower season ever. (Which does have the additional effect of lowest checking account balance ever! Just another record to be broken! That is why there are now ads on Miss Eff's. So far, I have made seven cents. Really.)

We had sooo much rain, the blossoms of flowers would literally "pop" off the stem. Hot weather flowers didn't grow... cold weather flowers rotted in the rain. Not a stunning year.

But I am a farmer and enough of that stuff! I was taught at the "Scarlett O'Hara School of Agriculture"................ Tomorrow is another day!!!

So here is a look forward for next year and the goals at Miss Eff's.

First on tap --- the new retail store. Plans have been drawn. The site is clear and "The Summer Kitchen" should be reality by the first of June. (Depending on Honey, economic and weather conditions) This will make for easy shopping for our customers. Fresh eggs, jams, herbs, dried flowers and hopefully, hand-spun yarn will be available. Maybe an extra loaf of bread or so.

Secondly, our plans include starting some new raised beds this year. In an effort to make it easier for our customers to cut the flowers, we hope to have at least two raised bed rows this year. (It has nothing to do with the fact that my knees are aging and I love doing this -- so by the time I'm 90 -- everything will be in raised beds!!!!)

Third --- We hope to have an intern. We are growing too many products that are not being used to their potential so we are looking at value-added agriculture. Our herbs will be used in jellies, dried herb mixes and baked goods. I even have a fantastic intern in mind ......... if we can get everything to work out!!! (Hint! Hint!)

And finally, we hope to be a partner site with Silos and Smokestacks. This will give me the opportunity to educate people on the history of agriculture, particularly the woman's role in agriculture. Hopefully, with the above-mentioned garden slave (scratch that!) intern, we will finally be able to offer the classes we have always wanted.

(Emily! You know I am only joking!! You can do what you want... whenever! Anything to have you here on the farm!!!!!)

So that's what is new at Miss Eff's ......... I've been working on flower lists and there will be lots of changes for the new season. Stay tuned and I will keep you up to date on the progress and new ideas.


Emily said…
CATHY! I will gladly be your slave as long as I get to spend a wonderful summer on your farm...really, I'm there. The educational programs sound amazing, too...have I ever told you it's my dream to be a nutritional anthropologist?
clink said…
Emily ... you are the best!!! Let me know what I need to do to get you here!

I'm thinking that if you worked Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.... that would leave Tuesday and Saturday free for market and Friday free for baking. And if you wanted to get a night-time job, you could.

You know the pay scale -- eggs, jams, veggies and meat. And lots of flowers.

let me know what you think.

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