Only the Hungry..............

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The other day the statistics for food insecurity were announced. I really despise the term "food insecurity". It's hunger. Pure and simple hunger. People that don't have enough money to provide meals for their family.

One in eight Americans are currently on the SNAP (food stamp) program. 25% of all children get some form of food support with SNAP, WIC or subsidise school lunch program.

I find that absolutely appalling!!

Now .... I would really like to know some other statistics. What is the percentage of people with cable or satellite television? What is the percentage of people with cell phones? How many of those households have a PlayStation3 or a Wii?

Hunger is a major problem in America. When 25% of our kids have to get some kind of government assistance to eat ...... Washington, we have a problem!

But I think priorities are the bigger problem. When we have to have the latest gadget or gizmo but can't put food on our table .... we have a problem. When having the appearance of money is more important than being honest with yourself and others about your finances ...... we have a problem. When stuff is more important than feeding our communities.... we have a problem.

I'm proud of Team Lafrenz. My husband's family quit exchanging Christmas gifts three years ago. Seriously, do I need another candle?? And now -- we pick a charity to support. One year, it was Coats for Kids. Last year, it was the North Scott Food Pantry. This year, we are donating to the Zion Lutheran Church's food pantry. And with almost 40 of us ..... it can be a pretty big help to a small community.

We had a $15 gift exchange in the past ....... and now, it is fun to see how many nutritious items I can buy for $30. No Hamburger Helper or high fructose corn syrup products in my boxes!!!!! (But you knew that already!) Lots of pasta, brown rice, oatmeal and dried beans.

There was a line (that I blatantly stole!) from a Water for Christmas brochure. I will steal it again ...... it is worth it.

This is our chance to trade consumerism for compassion.

So ..... I know you are kind, generous, giving people. I have seen it over and over and over again. But 25% of our children go hungry at some time. Its time to change that.


Sherry said…
The appearance of money... so well stated. We struggle personally with need vs want.

Each year the girls donate gloves and hats to the church on Marquette and 6th - Legacy Church. With the rush of this season I have forgotten to follow through. Thanks for the nudge.
hickchick said…
What a staggering statistic-where are our priorities?-We live in the breadbasket of the US, corn corn everywhere...thanks for the nudge as well!
fullfreezer said…
Whoa... what statistics. I know that there are lots of comments here in the Iowa City area about trying to 'even out' the number of children on free/reduced lunches among the elementary schools. I think that's rather sad....
Here's a disturbing statistic for you. If the child support judgments that are already entered and on the "books" were adequately enforced, an estimated 60-70 percent of those children would be off food stamps tomorrow. I don't appreciate fathers skipping out on their obligations while our tax dollars make up it. This hits home for us as I scrimp through the holiday season while my ex is two months behind in his CS payments.

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