A sign of the times.............................

Do you remember this post? I know you have anxiously been on pins and needles, just wondering what I was going to do with the only blank wall in my house.

It's been killing you, right? Ok -- not so much. But it is time for the great un-veiling.

But first a little history. Miss Effie's closes at 3pm on Saturdays. By 3:30, Honey and I are usually on the road to DeWitt to get some ice cream. We take exactly enough money. $3.09. I get a small dish of vanilla and Honey gets a medium twist cone. No sprinkles, nuts or hot fudge. Just a simple little treat of ice cream before we head home to do the chores and get some more work done.

One Saturday, we find a yard/antique/junk sale. Hmmmm? That magic word ..... antiques. So we do a u-turn (DeWitt is a town you might be able to get by with doing a u-turn!) and stop to look.

Now mind you, we have $3.09........ and no more. We look. And we look. And Miss Eff sees something that catches her eye. But with $3.09, I wasn't going to bargain for much!

But thank God for ATM's! And I went back and purchased these vintage (but not antique!) signs.

Hand painted signs from a long-forgotten roadside veggie stand. Proudly proclaiming what was fresh and in-season at the moment.

I love the whimsical pumpkins and strawberries.

You know -- I always thought that an antique quilt would be the perfect piece for the stairwell.

But today, as I chatted with my friends at the Freight House Farmers Market and I bought some cheese and meat sticks and missed out on the greens......... I realized this is the perfect piece for me.

Maybe it will help me inspire others to eat and shop locally. But if nothing else.... it is my wake-up call (Literally!!!! Its the first thing I see when I stumble down the stairs.. gasping for coffee!!!) A not-so gentle reminder of the importance of supporting our local farmers. The guys and gals that raise our beef, grow our veggies and make our soaps and candles.

Across the country, there are lots of markets selling local goods. To find a market near you, look here.

Its Christmas time. Do you need a reminder????


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