What a great weekend!!!!

As with most people this time of year........ the weekend was busy. Shopping, tending to the care and feeding of the poultry in the cold and snow, church and a day at "Retail-Hell"........... which was actually quite fun! (Thank you, dear customers, for being so nice and funny and no one yelled at me for wishing them "Merry Christmas!")

But the highlight of the weekend was Thanksgiving 2.0. Friday, we received an email from adopted daughter Laura. Laura had spent Thanksgiving in Guatemala so she missed out on Thanksgiving with her family.

So the Oman clan ... mom and dad Tina and Bruce, sister Emily, brother Steve and two exchange students came from the tip of Wisconsin to bring Laura dinner. And we were honored with an invitation.

It was sooooo wonderful to meet Tina and Bruce. First of all, they raised three amazing individuals. Funny, smart, talented and very-well grounded. Then they were so much fun! I am hoping that they will join us for supper sometime this summer ...... in the corn-zebo, of course!

And the meal!!! Mostly local ..... smoked turkey, a wonderful squash dish and the Laura-birthday-traditional Dairy Queen ice cream cake. It was a fantastic meal. And Honey and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for including us in your very special celebration.

The most exciting news (for me, at least!!!) is that Emily will be an intern at Miss Eff's this summer! We have worked out a schedule that will allow her to sell all her baked goodies at the Freight House Farmers Market like she did last summer. Unfortunately, the economic climate at Miss Eff's does not allow for a regular salary. And even though, she will be getting college credit for this, she does need money -- not just eggs and flowers!

So we are working on some ideas that we hope will help and enhance her intern experience. I want her to walk away with some valuable knowledge of the business world ... even from very tiny little business and farm. Our main focus this year is value-added agriculture.

We grow a lot of items here on the farm that sometimes ........ sit. Herbs are a strong example. My marketing ability of herbs is dismal at best! They grow nicely in their galvanized wash tubs .... only to sit. The first year of business...... I planted 180 basil plants. We had 3 types of basil. They were beautiful full plants. I sold enough basil to pay for ......... one plant!!!

So what can we do to sell those herbs??? And that will be part of Emily's focus. So expect some dried herb blends, some cut fresh herbs and some herb jellies in the new Miss Eff's Summer Kitchen.

Also with our effort to become a partner site with Silos and Smokestacks .....we will be working on brochures, signage and enhancing the educational experience at Miss Eff's. And Emily will be a key player in that plan.

I am so excited!!! For years, I have wanted to expand the experience at Miss Eff's. But I am one person and my focus needs to be with my customers. To have someone, that is self-motivated and is on the same page, will be HUGE.

Expect some new changes at Miss Eff's in the next 6 months. The gears in the old brain are just a-whirring away!!!!! It will be lots of fun .... decorating the new Summer Kitchen in Miss Eff-style. (yea ..... you know, everything will be old, scratched, tarnished and rusty .... and extremely cheap!!!!) and then filling it with homemade local goodies.

So come visit us soon ........... it will be June before I know it. Yikes!!! I've got flowers to order!!!!!


Sherry said…
You know, we can't wait. Maybe we could offer free labor one day and help plant. The girls love to plant - for about 15 minutes.
Michelle said…
What exciting news!
fullfreezer said…
Sounds like fun! Maybe we'll have to make a day trip sometime.
Candy said…
Looking forward to helping you get there.

Merry Christmas!


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