255th St/ 130th Ave Scott County, Iowa

To whom it may concern,

Congratulations on the purchase of your new mattress. I am going to assume you only bought a mattress (queen size) since you didn't leave a box spring in the cornfield along with the mattress.

I don't know who you are but I feel like I know sooo very much about you.

I know you bought a new washer last summer. You were concerned about someone needing a used one so you left it on the very edge of the road..... not even bothering to toss it into the ditch.

I know that you change your own oil in your vehicles. We have found kitty-litter buckets filled with motor oil in the ditches. Oh .... I guess I know that you own a cat.

I know that you remodeled the bath a couple of years ago. Maybe we needed a roadside restroom....... that must have been the reason for the toliet and broken-down vanity in the ditch.

I know that your children outgrew their swing set and the treated lumber ended up our way. Along with a couple of nails in my tires.

I know that you rake your leaves and fill black lawn and garden bags ......... and leave them to compost in the fields and roadways. Takes a while to decompose that plastic bag!!! I'm sure the compost facility is much too far for you to drive!!

I know that you drink bad beer (Bud Light) and toss it out of the vehicle for me to get the 5 cent deposit. And you drink that beer while driving........... every day!!!

I know that you are frugal and won't pay for extra garbage pick-ups, city leaf bags and stickers but you don't mind if our property taxes go up to pay to clean the roadways. Oh yea .... my taxes went up, too. Thanks.

And I know that I will post a picture of EVERYTHING you throw out until you get the idea that the rural roads are our home .................... not your dumping site!!!! And once I find out who you are ....... I will deliver presents to your home....... just like you have to us.

Where in the hell is that sarcasm font when I need it???


jillwaukee said…
My blood is boiling right now. How many crying Indians do we need until this stops? I really cannot handle this. Red rage, red rage.....
This is really sad. Almost everything you mentioned would have been snapped up right away on Freecycle. I've given away a lot of stuff on there, and people are glad to have it.
Sherry said…
GRRRRR!!!! We get the same thing on our street. There are only houses on half of it and people dump on the other half. My neighbor confronted someone and that person was mad that we didn't want her trash on our street.
fullfreezer said…
Ugh. Some people are so irresponsible. Hopefully it won't progress to pets as well. That's how we ended up with our dog. Someone dumped him out in the country near my parent's farm a few years ago. He wandered up to their house, hungry, thin and covered with ticks. It made me SO angry. We weren't looking for a dog but took him in when no one claimed him. He has turned out to be a great dog. But he's big. He was about 75 lbs when we found him (at not quite a year old) He probably just got too big for someone's apartment and it was too much trouble to take him to the shelter. GRRRRRRR
melanie said…
You forgot to mention the cats and dogs they are too lazy/poor/inconsiderate/irresponsible to care for. They dump them on the rural roads more often that I like to count....
Living in rural Iowa ourselves, we are very familiar with this situation. It is disgusting to say the very least but what really angers both of us is the way people are ready, willing and capable of abandoning their once loved, precious pets in our area for us to feed and take to the vet to make sure they are safe for our truly loved pets to be around! Or we have to pick up their battered bodies and bury them in a quiet space. There are far too many irresponsible people in this world and I guess there isn't really much we can do about it. I think if it were in my neighborhood, I would check around and find out with certainty whose garbage it is, save it up and deliver to their yard when they aren't home!

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