Digging out.........

Oh -- you thought I meant digging out of this?

Not so much.

One of the big resolutions this year is to get organized. Really organized. Like most of us ..... stuff can take over our lives. Honey and I took a vow to living simply many years ago. And we do compared to a lot of people. But we do not live simple enough.

Honey and I live in a small house with few closets. Honey has added storage all over the place but it still is not enough. So for Christmas, I was given the promise of a wonderful gift........... a re-do of my office.

The big project will start slowly and progress in stages. But when it is done, there will be 20' of bookcases and two window seats here in my little 7-1/2' by 15' office.

Yea ..... I know. Most of you have closets bigger than that. But it is what counts as one of three bedrooms here at Miss Eff's. Eldest daughter slept in here all of her life. But now it is the worldwide headquarters for Miss Effie's Country Flowers. Yea. I'm impressed, too. (Where is that sarcasm font when you need it????)

But we do have one accomplishment. The behemoth of the desk is history. Well ......... it is out of the office. And is now for sale. Great table for someone that quilts or scrapbooks or needs a work space. It is just that a 30" x 60" table is too big for my little office.

The problem is ............... its a catch-all. I print something .... it lays on the desk. Package of labels used two weeks ago ....... still here. Scissors .... sitting. Retirement fund documents (losing lottery tickets) ........ piled up!

My hope is .... little is better. Its been my motto all my life. Little body .... little farm .... little money. Got a theme going here. So Honey re-stored an old kitchen table from a flea market that I have had in the potting shed for years. Its definitely more me. Old, banged-up, scraped, little wobbly ...... perfect!!!!

So wish me luck. I have lots of little goals set to get organized. A bag a week to the thrift store. Clean out the attic (actually, that is a huge goal!!) But my favorite ...... knit twelve projects this year out of stash. Twelve. That's one a month. And January's is done!

New socks. Sock weight alpaca from Argyle Fiber Mill. And with the current temperature of -13, they are feeling pretty good in this office that doesn't have heat. That heat-thing might need to go on the organizational list!!!!



corinne said…
Sherry said…
Live simple... I am with you on that one but I often feel like I fail miserably. Moving every three years helps but I still collect so many things... mostly craft related. My goal is to not buy anymore sewing or craft supplies until I finish the projects I have waiting patiently for me. Keep us posted on how you are doing... motivation!

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