Getting involved.........

We often hear about small business being the heart of a community. For me --- the key word in that sentence is heart.

We have had a rough year around the country. Farmers are struggling with low prices and high inputs. Retail sales have slumped. And unemployment (and more so, under-employment) is taking its toll on our emotional happiness and our financial security.

But a wise minister and a not-so-subtle nudging from our Savior, gave ol' Miss Eff an idea and a mission. It is time to give back to the community. Its not really what I would call the right time but God isn't giving me a pass on this one. And I am here to serve the Lord.

So here is the deal..........................................

If you are a member of a non-for-profit organization and are looking for a fund-raising event, contact us. We will open our farm on Sundays to your event. And we will donate $10 for every bucket of flowers sold on that day to your cause.

So ........ if you work with children, or raise money for a life-threatening disease, or feed the hungry ........ you can have an event here at no charge.

Here are the rules ..............

1) This fund-raiser must improve our community and have a specific purpose. It can be as simple as raising funds for a new refrigerator for a food pantry or sending a missionary over seas.

2) It must be an event. Do a picnic, have a bbq. Create something fun.

3) You are responsible for the set-up, tear-down, the creation and execution of the event. We will post everything on our website, Facebook fan page and here on the blog. We would love to help you and will help as much as possible but Miss Eff is one person and she is a bit busy. This is your event.

4) It must be open to the community ... not a private affair.

5) And it must be on a Sunday from the hours of 12-3 in July or August. Unfortunately, rain dates may not be possible. We will do our best.

The only date taken so far is the last Sunday in July for Miss Eff's Birthday party and ice cream social. Proceeds this year will go to the North Scott Food Pantry.

Toss this around with your friends. Come up with some great creative ideas......... and let us know if we can help. This is an opportunity for us to come together (I'll get to meet some really neat people!) and build a stronger, healthier community and world.

After all ......... isn't that what it is all about?????


Farm-Raised said…
Hmm....I think I might have an idea. :-)
BlueGate said…
Great idea, Cathy! Every community should be so lucky to have a Miss Effie!
Beth said…
Gosh I wish I lived near you! A few years ago I came across this cut flower farm idea and just thought it was the most wonderful thing! I even had the idea that I needed to start one here in Southeast It gets too darn hot here for such a thing. But I would LOVE to come and visit your farm and cut flowers to take back to my house every week...sigh...I think your idea is wonderful!

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