It's Obscene!

Dear Mr. Seed Catalog Man .........

Why do you send the garden porn (aka ... seed catalogs) when it looks like this?

Instead of when it looks like this?

Or like this?

Or even when it looks like this.

Please, can you help me explain my obscenely high seed/plant bill to Honey?

Thank you.
Miss Effie

PS. It might be because I want more of this.....................................


Teri said…
What refreshing pics Cathy!! Oh those are so nice to see right now aren't they?? Thank you! Spring is on the way!
LOL I hear ya,I am flowing in seed catalogs. And putting many orders in as well.Your pictures are great before and afters! Can't wait for spring,I can almost smell it :0)
I cannot WAIT until those flowers start popping up! I'm so over winter ... spring can't come soon enough! :)
Barb said…
The seed catalogs are one of the ways to stay sane this time of year, especially in Northern WI. I found a site last night that you may be familiar with but thought I would pass it along anyway since it pertains to our seeds. December 30, 2009 post about gmo's and who sells them and Monsanto (eeww...even hate to type that word), etc. Good post.

Thanks for the wonderful give us hope for are a gardening angel.

I could spend hundreds in the seed catalogs. It must be on all our minds, because I posted about that today, too. =)

Thanks for the reminder of spring. I'm a new reader - local to the QCA. =)
clink said…
Greenhouse Gwen wants to trade me seed bills. Suddenly, I am feeling much much better!!!

Susy, we are all seed crazy! And Kim -- its nice to have you drop in. Come out and see us sometime this summer.

Rita -- the only thing that concerns me --- is where am I going to put them all!!!!

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