What I did on my winter vacation...........

So .... it really wasn't a vacation but I learned a lot!!

I learned that I can get a lot done in a day without the temptations of Facebook, blogging, Internet cruising and deleting the invitations to start a farm at Farmville.

OK -- I got some help from an ice storm. I learned that I am not Dorothy Hamill ...... even though I am certain there is a picture of me with her haircut!! The bruises on the knees and butt prove that ..... there will be no pictures of those!!!

I learned that I can make a dent in the stash pile really quickly with a couple of needles. Four to be exact. So my Twelve projects out of stash resolution is doing quite well. Project number 5 is on the needles!

Sock pair number ONE ...... Poems yarn by Wisdom. Discount priced at $3 a skein. Then 40% off ......... made this pair of socks for the whopping price of $3.60!!!! The yarn is lightly twisted so not the best choice for socks. But for "dress socks", it will do just fine!

Next pair of socks .......... a 4x2 rib. Not as cheap as the last pair. But I love these!! A yarn called Ty-Dye.

I have no idea what yarn this is......... I bought it for $8 at my favorite thrift store. OK ... that included a basket. And a pair of size 8 needles. And a 1980's Lion Brand knitting pamphlet. And a cable needle, stitch gauge, point protectors, markers and a really icky skein of acrylic! For $8.

I made a flap style cuff and sewed the vintage buttons on it. I still have more of this yarn and its really pretty nice so I will try to create a neck warmer/scarf to go with the mittens. Or a hat. I still have 6 buttons..... it would be nice to have a set of some kind.

The library project is progressing. Slowly but progressing.

We are using stock melamine panels. We changed the square edged shelves to a rounded edge shelf to give some dimension to the project. There will be a shelf across the window. The shelf and the library units will be edged with a decorative molding. I've started some of the caulking and taping for touch up paint job. There will be a lot of it.

The left side will be done this weekend. Right now, outlets are being moved into the toe kick. Then around the corner to the south wall.

Honey needs a winter vacation!


Carol said…
Wow, those are great looking socks! I'm impressed. The mittens and accessories from the thrift store are pretty cute too! Way to go with all your free time!
Michelle said…
I'm impressed with everything!
BlueGate said…
Beautiful socks, Cathy! And your library project looks like such fun. Once its completed you will feel such a joy every time you work in there : )
LOVE LOVE LOVE the red pair....oh who am I kidding, I love all of them. You have many talents!

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