Where in the world is Miss Eff????

Currently, I am surrounded with piles of stuff ........ and I am under the impression that this is what they call organizing! Not so much!!!

But I am digressing already!

Every so often, people will ask me what do I do in the winter when there are no flowers. My stock answer is ....... breath. But most people would like to see me do something productive. So this is for them.

Well ....... maybe not. It might be for me. Someone told me yesterday that I needed a planner. I think I need a secretary. Now. To get me out of the house on time!!

This is where you will find Miss Eff .... maybe. Unless she double books .... or forgets. So remind her periodically. And if you booked an event with Miss Eff and its not here............call her. She needs help!!!

Sat 1/16 ..... Freight House Farmers Market Davenport. Be a tourist in your own Backyard. 10 am, Miss Eff will be giving a speech on why shopping the farmers market is green.

Tues 1/19 ..... Healthy Eating for Less ... we will talk about pantry necessities, alternative shopping to grocery stores, baking bread, making your own spice mixes. We will finish the class off by making granola. Information.

Thurs 1/21 .... From sheep to scarf .... Fiber, spinning and knitting with Homeschooled 4-H-ers at Scott County Extension office .... 1-3

Tues 1/26 ..... Soup class from home preserved products. We will make tomato soup, corn chowder and roasted butternut squash soup. And finish it off with a demonstration and baking some ABin5 bread. Information.

Tues. 2/2 ...... Cooking with Cathy at the Freight House. 4 pm. Demonstration on using eggs in main course meals. Something beyond an omelet!!! I'll be using fresh pasta from Gwen and doing some quick easy dishes using eggs.

Tues. 2/9 ..... Cooking with Cathy at the Freight House. 4 pm. Beefing up your meals. Some new beef recipes using inexpensive cuts.

Fri. 2/12 ...... DON'T TALK TO ME day!!! We will be doing prep for Love your Local Farmer breakfast in my little old kitchen. What could possibly go wrong??? Maybe a snow storm??? Power outage??? Wait and see.

Sat. 2/13 ..... Love your Local Farmer breakfast at Nan's Piano Bar at the Freight House Complex. $12.50 per person. Reservations only.

This will be a fun event with awesome food. (See previous day calendar. I will be calm by Saturday. Friday, I will panic!!!) Crepes, stuffed french toast, egg casseroles, roasted potatoes and veggies, and a pastry table to die for!!!! Save your calories ..... this will be good!

And all proceeds will go to Buy Fresh Buy Local of the Quad Cities.

Sat. 2/20 ..... Market Manager meeting in Des Moines with the crew from the Freight House. I am comic relief..... I guess. I have no idea why I am going but they are too much fun and I would never say no!!!!!

Tues. 2/23 ..... Pizza!! Pizza!! class again. At first you don't succeed, try try again. Information.
6:30-9:30. And yes, we will be making cheese!!!!!

Tues 3/9 ...... Canning basics. Discussion of books, equipment, safety, planning your needs, and intro to freezer jams. This is a beginner class so if you have never canned before, this is for you! Information.

Mon. 3/15 .... Geneseo Garden Club 1-3 for a speech for Buy Fresh Buy Local.

Tues 3/23 .... Making your own Baby food. Information.

Tues 3/30 .... Rock Island County Master Gardeners. Gardening basics series. My topic ..... TBA (Which means ...... at this time, I don't have a clue!!!!!!)

Wed 3/31 .... Cooking series for Seniors with Generations. It will be at the Davenport Library (Fairmont Branch)

And in between all those little things ....... a few community events and meetings, church activities, a birthday party for someone's upcoming birthday(!!!) ordering 6000 annuals, baking bread, doing laundry......... and yea, my boss wants me to show up for work now and then!!

So if you see Miss Eff with a glazed look on her face....... spin her around and just point her in the right direction.

Wait till you see April's calendar............. its worse!!!!!


Ginny said…
Well Miss Effie, I would say grass does not grow up your feet or should I say snow!! at this time of year. Stay Busy, Stay Young should be your motto.
Beth said…
Oh my goodness. So busy for you but lots of fun possibilities for us. I am sure I will see at the Freight House but was wondering where the Scott County Extension Office is located. I am determined that both Thomas and I will learn how to knit in 2010. Hope we can make it the class.

P.S. I think I still owe you a cookie recipe. Sorry about that.
Farm-Raised said…
Sorry I missed you on Saturday morning. We are slow-moving people, I guess. Tell us more about the Love Your Farmer's breakfast. Can anyone attend??

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