Cue the Music..................

Imagine. Queen singing......... "We are the Champions! We are the Champions!"

It was absolute cheese perfection last night at "Pizza Pizza!" Six kitchens......... six perfect batches of cheese!

(See, Mom. She really did make cheese!!!!)

I really enjoy teaching these classes.

1) I am just an old farm cook. Not a chef. Not anything special. Just a good old cook.

2) I like showing people that they can do it. Heck! If I can do it.... they can do it. This is not brain surgery or rocket science. And if you mess it up, well, ya eat 3 times a day! You have another chance to redeem yourself!

3) I like having a good time with everyone. We laugh at our failures..... and often, there are many. But we rejoice in our successes. And that is what makes it fun!

And we eat the results .......... yum!!!

(But remind me next time .... those ovens temperatures are running waaay low. The top burners run hot.... the ovens run cool. Crank those temps up!!!)


Anonymous said…
So what did you do differently this time?
hickchick said…
Hurray-looks like a good time was had by all.
clink said…
We did not use the electric stoves for the cheese. Did it all on the gas cooktop. Went beautifully!

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