My Valentines Day gift...................

Honey and I try to spend lots of time together. So when I do something like the breakfast the other day..... he was right there.

You know, lots of gals get roses or chocolates or lingerie for Valentine's Day. I didn't. I got something much much better..... my Honey.

Thank you so much for opening up your home and making it ours. You've embraced chickens in the backyard and cats in the house. You have learned to love goat cheese, polenta and roasted beets. (Though, I don't understand not liking liver!) Heck, you even know what lisianthus is!

You are my support system, my cheerleader, my roadie, my best friend and my lover rolled into one. You are even Mr. Effie!!!

You are my Honey.

Love you
Miss Eff


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