Random thoughts ............

Wow! That weekend went by fast!! Faster than that infamous speeding bullet thing.

I started Saturday at my usual haunt ....... The Freight House Farmers Market. I was selling tickets to our Love your Local Farmer breakfast. The tickets are flying out fast.... I don't know if we will have any available by Saturday so if you are interested, drop me a note.

My dear friend Sarah had a party for her husband's birthday on Saturday night. How do you refuse an invitation to a party that reads "Party like its 99 degrees"? Brats, potato salad and beer............... it was all good! We had a wonderful time!!!!!

Sarah and Jamie live in the same neighborhood, on the same street, that my good friend Mona once lived. I drive down the street and always remember the laughter and the tears that Mona and I shared. And the knitting and cross-stitch and basket weaving that we did together. Fargo is much too far away.

Sunday was hectic with church and a stint at Retail-Hell. Yes...... I like my job. Yes.... I like many, many, many of our customers. But lately, the Messy Marvins have been showing up.
Dishtowels in the flower pots. Earrings in the draperies. Looks too much like this office at the moment!! So Dear Retail-Hell Customers, please pick up after yourselves. I am not your mother!

Speaking of the office project..... it is progressing. The west wall is up and ready for books .......... there will be molding later. But so far....... I LOVE IT!!!!

In other bits of news......... I'll be at the Freight House again tomorrow with an egg class. I promise some different yet yummy egg recipes.

Thursday, I'll be working with some home-schooled 4-Hers with knitting and spinning projects. It is entitled .... "From Sheep to Scarf". This is the third time we have scheduled this program.... our Iowa winter has held us back every time.

And speaking of knitting...........

Stash busting project #5 is in the books! Blue hand-spun yarn from Argyle Mills in Wisconsin. This makes the 9th pair of socks I have made this winter. Yea!!!

And the next project should be done by the weekend. (Hold your excitement. I know .... you can barely wait. I'm thinking things are pretty pathetic when I measure my winter by the number of pairs of socks I have made!!!)


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