Stuff.. Stuff... and More Stuff........

I went to the Iowa Farmers Market Managers Conference in Des Moines this weekend.


First of all, the weather has been absolutely dreadful in Iowa on a whole. Poor Des Moines has had the snow target on it all winter. Bulls-eye. Right there. Dump it all there.

So after Friday nights storm, we saw car after car after car in the ditches. I'm sitting in the backseat thinking, "YIKES!" Fortunately, we left at 4 am and my eyes don't work too well at that time in the morning. (My eyelids are in closed mode then! Hard to get them to change.)

But we made it there in one piece and got registered for the conference.

OK -- first speaker is from the Extension Service on food safety and the farmers market.
Interesting enough until this statement........... All fruits and vegetables should be treated with a sanitizing solution of 1 Tablespoon bleach to 1 gallon of water.


I make a preservative solution for my flowers that uses bleach..... 1/2 teaspoon of bleach to 1 gallon of water. And the veggie sanitizing solution contains 6 times that???????

Wash your veggies .............. whether you buy them at the grocery store, farmers market or pick them from your backyard. Wash them. But soak them in bleach???? Not so much!

We have become a germaphobic and disinfect everything in sight! Eat a little dirt ....... you will be healthier for it!

More stuff....... part two.

Tonight I teach pizza and homemade mozzarella class. I think I have figured out how to avoid the cheese failure of the past class. I'll let you know tomorrow!!!

But to cover my ever-expanding butt (!!) I'm making a batch of cheese this morning to take along. Got to have enough cheese to cover the pizzas!

And still more stuff!

Library project continues to progress. But we are in that awkward stage. You know the one. We had to move pieces around to get to the next set of bookcases. But I still don't have enough storage space to put everything away. So the mess has gotten messier before it will get neater!!!

I am still trying to sort through magazines. File and organize what I want .... toss the rest. And I have a four-drawer file cabinet that is close to being empty...... but not empty yet.

So that's the stuff that's happening or not happening at Miss Eff's. I'll be back tomorrow with a class update.


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