Turning Back the Pages........

I have been cruising the thrift stores lately, trying to find a blender to use when I do demos.

Today ... I'm running through one and there ...... I spot this.

I know that pattern book! Here it is ...... the pattern book from the very first sweater I ever knit.

Yep .... my first sweater was the bright yellow vest. Yes, I know. Technically, it is not a sweater. It is a vest. But at the age of 11, you are allowed to label any garment that you pull over your head as a sweater. If you knit it. And I did.

And it wasn't bright yellow mohair but a relatively bulky peach acrylic yarn.

My 6th grade teacher was also knitting her first sweater. So Mary Alice McAtee (still my favorite teacher ever!!!) waged a bet with me. The first one finished with their sweater got an ice cream soda from the New Windsor Cafe. (I can still taste their awesome ice cream sodas!!!)

I won ....... I'm pretty certain she let me win.

So the book came home with me from the thrift store.

I'd like to tell you that the book was very very old when I knit the vest from it. That would be a lie. It was brand new. It did cost me 15 cents more to buy it today!

So let me see.............. that would make me How old ???? Yea......... you do the math!!!!


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