Can you tell I have spring fever??

In the spring .... a young girl's fancy turns toward thoughts of ...................... redecorating!

Yep!!! It's time to tackle those garden projects. This is project Numero Uno!

Little old flea market chair. Never painted. Has been without a finish for over the decade I have had it. It sat in the corner of the porch. No seat .......... just waiting for its number to come up.

So a coat of primer........... a coat a paint...... and a ball of twine from the hardware store.

And voila'!!!! A new chair shows up for the garden. This will live on the porch of the yet-to-be-built Miss Effie's Summer Kitchen. If you haven't heard the story ..... the Summer Kitchen is Miss Eff's new retail shop.

It will be tiny ....... like a true summer kitchen. But it will feature our Pretty Eggs from Pretty Chickens and fresh herbs from the garden. Our jams and jellies along with dried flowers will be available. And who knows, maybe some biscotti or a loaf of bread.

But it will have a cute little chair ..... sitting on its porch...... probably with a cat on its seat!


hickchick said…
Very Cute! It's good to have a chair in the garden to remind you to stop, sit and enjoy what you have created!
Rogue Woman said…
I really like your blog but this chair I think may have finally given me insperation to finsih a few of my oddball furniture rebirths.

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