Check that one off the list!!!

As you all know, I am huge supporter and member of Buy Fresh-Buy Local. But you may not know that I serve as a local board member and membership chairman.

In the past ... we have struggled with reaching our members and really connecting them to our consumers that want to eat healthy. In the last year, with Facebook, a re-designed website and a monthly newsletter, we have made a lot of progress.

It has been my goal to get our yearly directory out to consumers on the very first day of market. We have always struggled to get it out in mid-June! And as membership chairman, I have said every year..... we are going to get the membership letters mailed in January.

And I don't!!

But this year .... I tackled it early. Got the letter composed. Had a ton of mailing support from our local director Phil. (OK -- he is a computer guru .... he understands this stuff. And his office is above the post office!)

And ..... this week.......... the directories will be done!!! Done!! They go to print today!!

I am so excited and so proud of the job we have done.

Last year...... we had 19 vendors and 1 Farmers' Market as members.

This year ....... (you can put a drum roll in here......... its that good!!)

We have .............. 28 vendors, 3 Farmers' Market and 1 restaurant!!!!

Hopefully, they will be as excited and thrilled about the new directory as I am.

We still have a lot of work to do. We easily should have 7 to 8 markets. And I really need to work on restaurants this coming year. We need their support. And that doesn't begin to talk about the farmers and how many more we should have.

Next year..... we are going for another page!!!


Michelle said…
Big congrats on getting done earlier and have more in the directory! You go, girl!
info said…
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Wanted to let you know I put together our monthly online community newsletter and if there's ever anything you would like publicized in our area I'd be happy to include it!

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