Do I? Don't I? Do I? Don't I?

Do I tell you about this place? Or do I leave it as my best kept secret? Do I show you the treasures behind the doors? Or do I gobble them up myself?

Have I ever told you that I LOVE antiques??? I love fine antiques. I love mediocre antiques. I love junk!

And actually, junk fits my budget better! Love the lead glass window panes!

I only allow myself to use egg money to junk or thrift with. I think I need to raise my prices or squeeze more eggs out of those chickens!!!! That floral tablecloth belongs at Miss Eff's!

I just realized that I missed seeing the little lamb. I was taken by the wicker and the watering cans.

This is sooooo my style. Scratched, dented and little fluffy!!!! A touch of faded torn lace. A painted cabinet. Tarnished silver. Yea ............. I love it.

I know its hard to see the lines. But that daybed sitting behind the little stool. That now belongs to Miss Eff. Iron with metal cane panels........ you will find it under a tree with a quilt and a pretty pillow. Perfect place for a summer's afternoon nap. Well .......... once the snow is gone.

Since you are my friends -- I will tell you the details. The Junk Asylum is north of Davenport in Park View, Iowa. Park View is between Davenport and DeWitt on old Highway 61. Its in the old North Scott Foods Grocery store.

Tell Laurie that the flower farmer sent you. And don't buy all the good stuff!!!!


melanie said…
OOOOHHH! That's almost enticing enough for a road trip! I, too, love the old stuff...each of us here collects a pattern or two of Depression glass and glass insulators, and linens, and furniture, and on and on...
Sherry said…
Crazy... I just spotted that store yesterday on a Sunday drive. Now I really have to check it out.
BlueGate said…
Love it! A little glad its not closer!
Thanks for letting us know where it is,Looks awesome!! I can't wait to visit.I love that floral tablecloth! Have you ever visited the coal valley flea market? Its has ALOT of junk. But its fun to rummage through.I go often as they always add new things.
clink said…
Sherry ... just think, all summer you can visit Miss Eff's AND hit here at the same time!

Jill -- its less than 5 miles from home. Its going to be a problem ;)

Susy -- the gal that owns it used to run Country Market in Coal Valley. I love that place! Nothing like good junk!
corinne said…
OMG, old chairs! You didn't mention the old chairs when I talked to you....were you trying to save me from myself??? What is this about a Coal Valley flea market????? What are these people trying to do to us???
Beth said…
Oh my goodness that place is fabulous. Thank you for sharing your secret! I am always looking for new places to thrift and cannot wait to get to this one.

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