Finding my way home..............

So .... I had a great day Monday. I had lunch with a dear friend. I gave a speech on Buy Fresh-Buy Local to a garden club. And I had a few minutes so I stopped at a little antique shop.

Evil, evil place. It made me part with money. My money.

But ......... it was soooooo worth it.

Ok .... a little about me that you may not know. I like maps. I like antique maps. But the maps have to have meaning to me.

I am browsing through the shop. I went back to look at a charming apron made from feed sacks. And a rack of magazine and sheet music caught my eye. And there ..... was a page from an old plat book. Advertisements for New Dixon Iowa. Hmmmmmm? That is just down the road a piece. Then there were advertisements and pictures from Long Grove. More hmmmm.

Then tucked behind the $175 colorful map of Scott County was this township map.

Hey!! That's where we live!

Yep ..... its a 1905 map of Winfield township in Scott County Iowa. And its ours. And look .... there is our little old house.

So, if anyone ever tells me where to go ............. I will know how to get home!


corinne said…
OMG! That is awesome!
Jill said…
Are you kidding me? AAHH!!! I can't wait to see it! GREAT FIND!!!
clink said…
I thought you would like it!!!!!

It was too expensive but ...... it has our house on it!
meyerprints said…
Carol said…
I love the picture of your house! I bet that is what it looked like this past winter. What a fun find!
hickchick said…
What a cool find! There is nothing like a sense of place.
girlwithasword said…
that is SO fantastic!!!

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