I feel a rant coming on!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know how many of you have AdSense connected to your blog. I signed up for AdSense in November as a way of possibly funding the construction of "Miss Effie's Summer Kitchen".

Since then, I have made a whopping $23.33. I might be able to buy a gallon of paint. Of course, you don't get a check until you reach the threshold..... how ever much that might be.

OK -- so I'm not getting rich. That's nothing new so I can live with that. Even though, I probably could make twice as much picking up beer cans off our road.... but that discussion is for another day!

What pisses me off is this.................

How often do I complain/rant/rave/moan/bitch about high fructose corn syrup? Yea ... I'm in this personal war with Audrea Erickson and what happens? They run their ads on my blog. Yea ... the Corn Refiners Association website is posted right along the side of my blog.


Can you believe it???

THEN yesterday, I look over and see an ad for a local floor covering store. Hmmmm. I worked for the company for almost ten years..... was consistently one of their top producers when I lost a battle of wits with a store manager. I lost and was let go.

There really aren't any hard feelings. My life is sooooooo much better now.

But do I have to fund their Lexus????

I probably shouldn't be talking about this........I'm pretty certain Blogger and Google would not approve. But ..... I have my values too. And having the high fructose corn syrup propaganda on my blog is not one of them!


Don't even get me started on AdSense. I guess a friend of mine did some well-meaning clicking on the ads so they cancelled my AdSense account. I never got an explanation or a chance to correct the problem. Whatever.
Anonymous said…
I'm not sure exactly how AdSense works, but I am betting that it is a data miner that culls the blog for specific words that match the people who are willing to pay for ads to be posted and anytime a word pops up that matches an advertisers list, you get the ad. Thus since you ranted about corn syrup - you met the criteria because the words were included in your blog - never mind that it was a negative text (I agree whole completely by the way - HFCS does raise my blood pressure) so you get the ads - you talk about floor coverings for the newly redone room you get the ads - pray you don't start talking about..never mind we don't need ads for that....ME
Ruralrose said…
This is incredible! I don't have adsense either, as a small fish I assume exploitation but to insult you so completely is over the top - you are handling it so well, peace

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