Inspiration is creating perspiration!

Some people pour over magazines looking for inspiration. I do that........ I have stacks and stacks of tear sheets. Some neatly filed under categories. Some just stacked in a pile.

Some people study books looking for inspiration........ I do that too. I go over every picture .... looking for a hint of an idea. Maybe its a color, a plant, just a corner of a garden or a glimpse of a weather vane.

But this year ...... my inspiration is coming from a 70 year old photograph.

I want to create a farm that gives you this feeling. A place that you just want to sit and read a book or the Sunday paper. A place that you could relax......... kick back.......... sit in a rocking chair. Be dwarfed by the towering sunflowers and enjoy the zinnias blooming at your feet.

This photo is my great-grandfather. I never met him. He was a doctor in a small town (OK -- its really just a wide spot in the road!!!) in Stark County, IL.

But I love this photo........ this is what we mean when we talk about "Garden Rooms".

So I have been trying to re-work, re-do, re-create areas that you will sit .......... and relax ............ and maybe, doze off for a few minutes. I want paradise in my backyard!

(Note to self ..... Self, Do not put that much pressure on yourself! It does not have to be paradise! Just a comfortable old farmstead!!)

So ............ I stained this porch swing.

I stained this chair........... won't it look great when the yellow clematis starts to bloom on the

But these will be my biggest challenge yet!!! Did I really see potential in these chairs??? Exactly how rosy were those rose colored glasses?????

Yea ..... those chairs.

This photo.

Funny ................ I think I hear music. "In fifteen seconds, this tape with self-destruct."

I'm thinking it should be these chairs will self-destruct!

Wish me luck. This may be Mission, Impossible!


Hickchick said…
Nice, the idea of creating a space to BE and enjoy. I wrote a piece about a chair in the garden last year for Homemakers Who Work. I have to remind myself to STOP sometimes, stop being so busy and ENJOY. (My chair wa just a plastic job-not so pretty as yours)
Penny said…
Nice entry! I like those chairs and see a lot of potential in them.
I love that porch swing! And yes it would be a beatiful contrasting color with yellow!
Judi said…
Hi there
I just discovered your blog and I've had such a nice time visiting and reading and thinking about your ideas. I love the benches you've painted and I can't wait to see what you do with those 2 olden chairs.

The picture of your greatgrandfather is so interesting too...neat thoughts and inspirations.

I am a follower and I'll be back to visit.
Hope you'll come by and visit when you have a moment too
have a great evening..
Anonymous said…
I just found your blog. It is amazing. I love your writing and your flowers. Please keep us updated, and I am sending warm weather thoughts your way!
Miss Eff, love that swing, and the old porch it sits on too. I too am trying to scratch out garden rooms here and there. And then the neat trick, to catch those delightful moments to sit, be still, and take it all in.

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